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High-precision face milling machine

Face Milling Machine

The face milling machine produced by Fengwei has the characteristics of a large processing range and wide application range, which is not only suitable for face cutting of metal materials such as castings and steel parts, such for machinery manufacturing. It is also suitable for plane milling of mold industry and plastic mold frames and can perform special surface processing such as milling, drilling, and boring on both ends of super-long workpieces. The face milling machine can mill the plane of the workpiece, chamfer the trapezoidal surface and the T-slot, the drilling can reach φ50mm, and the boring can reach φ400mm. After the support slide is installed, the two ends of the super-long workpiece can be milled, manually drilled, bored, and processed with special-shaped surfaces. The milling force is strong and can meet the processing requirements of the parts. The movement of the worktable adopts the planetary gearbox to change the speed, and the operation is flexible and easy. The lifting of the column adopts the counterweight unloading device, which can move up and down easily, which not only prolongs the life of the lead screw but also makes the cutting smooth.

Face milling machine table material: high-strength cast iron HT200-300 working surface hardness is HB170-240, after two manual treatments (artificial annealing at 600-700 degrees and natural aging for 2-3 years), the use of this product is stable in precision and durable. The grinding performance is good.

Accuracy of the face milling machine table: according to the national standard measurement and verification procedures, there are four grades 0, 1, 2, and 3. The casting of the face milling machine table meets the chemical composition standard of HT250 and meets the standard of the mechanical property test. Casting defects such as looseness, blisters, pores, slag inclusions, and cracks are not allowed inside and outside the face milling machine workbench castings. The non-machined surface of the casting shall be cleaned with sand.

Face Milling Machine

Use of ground boring machine table: mainly used for end face milling machine, milling machine, boring and milling machine matching, machine tool processing work plane, there are holes and T-slots on it, used to fix the workpiece, and clean up the iron filings generated during processing.

Common machine tool work platforms such as face milling machine workbench, gantry milling machine workbench, etc. The face milling machine is a general-purpose machine tool, which can drill, expand, boring, ream, plane, flat thread, and milling planes for castings, steel, and non-ferrous metal parts. Face milling machine is widely used in mechanical processing in energy, metallurgy, mining, machinery, power generation equipment, national defense, and other industries, and is the key equipment for processing box parts. Structural characteristics of end milling machine: The face milling machine consists of a bed, a column, a sliding seat, and a spindle box. The spindle box of the boring and milling machine moves vertically along the column guide rail. The headstock, column, and sliding seat move horizontally and horizontally along the bed guide rail together.

Face Milling Machine

Advantages of face milling machines

Face milling machine process concentration

The face milling machine generally has a tool holder and a tool magazine that can automatically change the tool. The tool changing process is automatically controlled by the program. Therefore, the process is relatively concentrated, reducing the floor space of the machine tool, saving the workshop, and reducing or no intermediate links (such as semi-finished products). Intermediate inspection, temporary storage, handling, etc., save time and manpower.

Face Milling Machine

The high degree of automation of face milling machine

When the face milling machine is processed, there is no need to manually control the tool, the degree of automation is high, and the requirements for operators are reduced. The parts processed by CNC operators on CNC machine tools have higher precision than those processed by ordinary workers on traditional machine tools, and save time and effort, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Face Milling Machine

Stable quality of face milling machine

The machining automation of the face milling machine eliminates human errors such as fatigue and carelessness of workers on ordinary machine tools and improves the consistency of products.

  • The face milling machine (face milling) has high processing efficiency
  • The automatic tool change of the face milling machine makes the machining process compact and improves labor productivity.
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