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High quality self-aligning welding rotator from Fengwei

self aligning welding rotatorFengwei self-aligning welding rotator is a common machine in the welding process of heavy industry and large tanks. Not only that, self-aligning welding rotator has a wide range of applications. Although it mainly plays the role of auxiliary welding, it also has many advantages. It can not only improve the work efficiency of the welder but also reduce the danger and difficulty of the welding process. sex. This is mainly because the weldment and the polyurethane roller rotate at the same time, and the frictional force generated by the rotation pushes the workpiece to rotate.

The self-aligning welding rotator is generally two sets (ie driving wheel and a driven wheel). The driving wheel generates force through the motor, thereby driving the rotation of the workpiece to achieve the best welding position. The driven wheel is the function of support and auxiliary rotation. Commonly used for welding and polishing in petrochemical, chemical equipment, tank processing, and other industries.

The self-aligning welding rotator is composed of a driving frame and two driven frames as a set, and there is no need to make an installation foundation. The main and driven frames are made of steel plate structure brackets, and the main parts such as load-bearing shafts are made of high-quality steel, which has been quenched and tempered before processing, with good comprehensive performance and large bearing capacity.

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The main and driven frames each have four rollers, and the four rollers on the active frame are all synchronous driving wheels. The rollers are installed in the side panel assembly. The roller adopts the structure of the integral roller. The rubber on the surface of the wheel is made of high-quality rubber, which has a high bearing capacity and wears resistance, and is not suitable for aging and degumming.

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The swingarm of the self-aligning welding rotator adapts to the requirements of different diameter workpieces. The rotary shaft of the clamp frame of the roller assembly has strong rigidity. When the workpiece is placed on the roller assembly, the good clearance between the rotary shaft and its shaft hole can ensure that the clamp frame opens at an appropriate angle with the workpiece to meet the requirements of workpieces with different diameters. Rotation requirements. An oil line groove is designed and made on the rotary shaft, which can be frequently filled with grease to ensure its good lubrication.

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Each shaft hole of the main and driven frame is processed by a card boring machine at one time, and the parallelism of each axis is good and the amount of movement is small. Installed in the roller assembly is a high-quality spherical roller bearing produced by a well-known domestic manufacturer. The bearing has a strong bearing capacity, and its own self-aligning performance can reduce some elastic deformation during the bearing process so that the self-aligning welding rotator can be welded. It has a long service life, reduces maintenance costs and maintenance time, and has better performance. The grease used in the bearing is lithium-based grease, which has a good lubricating performance.

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