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welding positionerThe welding positioner produced by Fengwei has been upgraded and updated many times. Our welding positioner is also developing in the direction of intelligence, multi-function, large-scale, integration, high precision, and high reliability. The use of a welding positioner can shorten auxiliary welding time, improve labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve welding quality, and can give full play to the efficacy of various welding methods. With the continuous development of information technology towards intelligence, motion control, and information technology have been widely used in the manufacturing industry.

For the installation and welding of large workpieces, the composition and structure of the lifting welding positioner should be clearly explained. At the same time, the rotating organization and the inclined organization are the core parts of the program, which mainly involve gear transmission planning and shaft planning and inspection.

The welding positioner is a special welding aid that is suitable for reverse working welding offsets to achieve the desired machining position and welding speed. It can be combined with working machines and welding machines to form a group of workstations to form a semi-active welding center, and can also be used to move workpieces during manual operations. When the table rotates, the frequency converter is used for step-less speed regulation with high precision. The remote sensing box can complete the long-distance operation of the workbench, and can also be connected with the operating machine and the welding machine control system to complete the linkage operation.

welding turntable

The welding displacement mechanism is an active welding management center and can also be used for the manual processing of products. The rotation of the table adopts a soft starter, step-less speed change, and high-speed regulation accuracy. It can not only complete the remote control of the console but also connect with the active control system of the operating machine and the active welding machine to complete the actual connection operation. The welding positioner is generally composed of two parts: a welding turntable and a turntable. The welding turntable can choose rotation and rotation according to different welding lifting directions so that the fixed workpiece can achieve the required electric welding, installation angle, and welding. The turntable adopts step-less DC frequency conversion speed regulation, and the welding speed is satisfactory.

Types of welding positioners

Fengwei is a welding positioner manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of experience in research and development. The welding positioner we design combines the production characteristics of multiple industries, making the machine multi-functional and industry precise, allowing When users to use it, they can get a better experience effect, greatly promote the precision and artistry of the welding process, and improve the productivity of the whole plant.

Fengwei Welding Positioner

The deployment of our welding positioners on machine tools follows the application of machine tool product welding structures. The main products of my country's machine tool work are metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery products, foundry machinery products, woodworking machine tools, tool products, abrasives, and machine tool accessories. At the same time, metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, and casting and welding positioner products are the main application categories of machine tool positioners. Welding positioner has gradually become the dominant machine tool work process.

Welding positioner components

The emergence of welding positioners makes welding more convenient, not only automatic welding but also manual welding. There are many large workpiece staggered angles during welding, which is very difficult to weld. The welding positioner has the function of supporting and transposing the workpiece, and the welding positioner changes the angle of the welding workpiece. If you are looking for a reliable partner, you can contact us directly, and our engineers will tailor the most suitable solution for you.

welding turntable

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