Welding equipment for tank

Welding equipment for tank


Tank trucks, as one of the large categories of products in the special vehicle industry, can be used to explain such products whether they are purchased or sold.

Tank trucks, as one of the large categories of products in the special vehicle industry, can be used to explain such products whether they are purchased or sold. But I am afraid it will be difficult for a large number of people to specify the manufacturing process of tankers. Let's take a look at the tank truck manufacturing process.

Special welding rotator for cylinder

Tank truck manufacturing focuses on tanks. The manufacturing process of a tank body needs many processes, such as sheet metal blanking, sheet milling, sheet metal butting, coil tank, shaping, welding and assembly.

CNC plasma cutting

CNC plasma cutter is used for cutting flat steel plate, the raw material of tank car. It adopts Haibao Micro EDGE CNC system, cutting process, CNC operation and high precision.

Plate milling

Milling machines are mainly used for milling and cutting butt surfaces of plates. The machine has automatic feeding, plate positioning and other devices to achieve one-button operation. It is equipped with double head to clean both sides of the board simultaneously.

Board splitting docking machine

Flat plate automatic welding machine uses pneumatic keyboard press device, single-sided welding and double-sided forming are used for welding seam, with small welding deformation. It can meet the splicing of carbon steel and aluminium alloy plates. High degree of automation.

Flat panel automatic tilting machine

Flat panel automatic turning machine, turning the welded plate 180 degrees. Because at the last splice butt station, only one side of the plate needs to be welded and the other side does not need to be welded. If the direct roll is welded, the beautifully welded side is inside. So we recommend turning the panels first and then coiling them so that the beautiful welds will be on the outside of the tank.

Intelligent tank wrapper

The positioned compartment and head are used as the "mold", and the tank is rolled and formed in one coil by an automatic mechanical arm. In fact, the traditional tank forming process (guide chain traction) has been automated, which is characterized by high efficiency, good forming appearance and greatly improving the working environment of workers. Welding of longitudinal and circumferential seams on the outside of tank.

TIG automatic welder for circumferential seam

TIG welding method has high weld quality, concentrated arc heat, high power density and small heat affected zone.

Self-commissioning welding rotator

It can be used to rotate the tank body, to weld the circumferential seam in the tank body by hand, or to grind and clean the welding seam.

self-adjusting welding rotatorself-adjusting welding rotator

The advanced welding technology of plasma arc welding for one-sided welding and double-sided forming is used in the tank manufacturing process of the automatic production line, which solves the leakage-proof problem of the tank. At the same time, it innovatively combines automation technology with information technology. According to the characteristics of tank manufacturing in China, it applies industrial automation technology to integrate CNC cutting machine, CNC milling machine, transport flanging machine, large sheet-splitting machine, CNC winder, large expander, template-free edge-screwing machine and so on. Equipment such as special-shaped tank circumferential plasma arc welder, roller transmission system, welding power supply, workpiece displacement machinery and conveying machinery all realize digital control; By using I/O distributed communication mode and fieldbus communication network, the equipment realizing digital control is integrated into self-developed remote centralized control system, which realizes automatic processing and production of tank remote control, reduces manufacturing hours and improves efficiency. Remote centralized control system is embedded into enterprise ERP system by means of network communication, which provides powerful information resources for enterprise management and decision-making and improves enterprise market competitiveness.

It can be used in various tank trucks such as tank truck, oil tank truck, powder truck, chemical tank, concrete mixer, heat preservation truck, liquid tank truck, powder material transporter, asphalt tank truck, milk tank truck, sprinkler, oil distribution truck, beer tank truck.


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