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Welding Turntable Applicable Industries|Welding Positioner Manufacturer

welding turntable

The welding turntable is a piece of auxiliary equipment for realizing welding automation. It can be well applied to the welding position of the rotary work so that the workpiece can obtain the ideal processing position.

Welding turntableThe welding turntable is a piece of auxiliary equipment for realizing welding automation. It can be well applied to the welding position of the rotary work so that the workpiece can obtain the ideal processing position and welding speed through the position.

The advantages of our welding turntable:

1. High precision: reducer, welding turntable repeatability can reach +0.1 mm.

2. High durability: The simple drive system can reduce the risk of failure.

3. Strong applicability: The main function of the welding turntable is to flip the workpiece during the welding process, to obtain a good welding position, which can meet the quality and appearance requirements of various welding parts.

4. Reliable operation: The base of the welding turntable is welded by thickened profiles and steel plates, and after annealing treatment, the quality and accuracy are reliable.

5. Strong adjustability: The welding turntable is driven by a servo motor, and the reducer adopts a high-precision reducer, with reliable precision and adjustable speed.

Welding turntable

The function of the welding turntable

The positioner is mainly used to fix the workpiece on the work table for turning and tilting, so that the welding seam is in the most favorable welding position, to improve the welding quality and productivity. The worktable can be tilted from 0° to 120° and can be rotated 360° continuously (step-less speed regulation) at any position. It is especially suitable for welding various welding parts with girth welding seams. It is extremely ideal and convenient welding equipment.

 The welding turntable can be used with various types of welding, including automatic welding robots, manual welding, etc., and can adapt to production work in different welding environments. Rotation and welding of rectangular workpieces are widely used in the construction machinery industry, containers, steel pipe flanges, automobile manufacturing, and other fields.

welding turntable

The industries where Fengwei welding turntable has been applied:

1. Construction machinery industry

With the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, the welding turntable has become one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in the entire manufacturing industry. There are many large spaces in the construction machinery manufacturer that need to be welded. It is easy to affect the work efficiency in the assembly and turnover work. If the welding turntable is used for welding, it can effectively shorten the time of welding work, not only improve the production efficiency of labor, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, and effectively improve the welding quality of products.

2. Automobile manufacturing

There are thousands of automobiles and auto parts. In the welding work, it is required to not only ensure the welding quality but also improve the welding efficiency. The welding turntable is often used as auxiliary equipment of the welding production line. The flexibility of components for stable welding.

 3. Container industry

The welding turntable combines a variety of science and technology and gradually develops towards multi-function, intelligence, automation, and large-scale. The lifting welding turntable can meet the welding and assembly requirements of large box workpieces. During the working process, the gear transmission and the shaft cooperate, and the box structure can be flexibly turned over.

 4. Steel pipe flange

In the process of steel pipe welding, it is necessary to carry out circular seam welding of the weld seam. The welding turntable cooperates with the driver and the reducer during operation and can realize infinitely variable speed operation under the condition of carrying the workpiece. For steel pipes of different specifications, it can Adjust the accuracy of rotation to ensure the welding quality of batch products.

 In addition, the welding turntable can also be applied to the electronics industry, coal mining industry, manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, and other fields to meet the welding needs of different fields.

Fengwei welding automation equipment manufacturers and suppliers have more than 20 years of research and development experience, and the developed equipment has made a good impact in various fields. If you are still looking for a welding turntable, you can directly contact Contact us and our engineers will provide you with a free solution as soon as possible.


welding turntable


welding turntable

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