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Debugging method of welding positioner

The welding positioner as auxiliary equipment of the welding robot can help the welding seam better appear in the welding range of the welding gun by dragging and rotating the workpiece, to realize the accurate welding of the workpiece. Before the welding positioner is matched with welding, Debugging work is required.

welding positioner

Welding positioner debugging process

The first step is to set the parameters before welding

Before using the welding positioner, you need to be equipped with tools, calibrate the TCP, and use the appropriate tools for welding during the setting process. After the welding positioner is turned on, you need to manually operate the page and select the correct tool coordinates; Then enter the calibration, select the locator; move the welding robot tool to the mark of the locator, and click "modify position" to record. What should I pay attention to when using the welding positioner?

welding positioner

The second step is to observe the status of welding work

After the welding parameters are set, the workpiece can be welded. The operator can monitor the welding quality remotely through the teach pendant. Whether the welding positioner can drag the weldment to the specified position, if not, stop it for fine-tuning, After several adjustments, the drag and rotation position of the workpiece can get the desired effect.

L-shaped welding positioner

The third step is to observe the quality of the weld at the end of welding

In the process of dragging the workpiece, the welding robot will fill the welding seam with welding material. After the welding is completed, the operator needs to observe whether the quality of the welding seam is satisfactory and the welding has defects. You can slightly adjust the welding robot or welding positioner. The data. All in all, the setting of the welding positioner needs to be synchronized with the parameters of the welding robot, to better complete the welding operation.

Elevating welding positioner

The above is the debugging method of the welding positioner. The debugging of the welding positioner needs to be synchronized with the welding robot so that precise welding can be achieved during the welding process, the stability of the welding can be improved, and the automatic welding can be realized. As a special welding auxiliary equipment that plays an auxiliary role in the welding process, the welding positioner can be applied to welding where the workpiece can be displaced during welding to achieve an ideal welding position and welding efficiency. The welding positioner can also be used with other types of equipment at the same time to form an automatic welding center. It can also be used for workpiece displacement during manual welding.

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