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Learn about the features and benefits of welding turntables

The welding turntable is also called the welding positioner. It is generally used for welding and assembling large workpieces. It can well pass the objects to be welded through the action of the welding turntable to achieve the ideal welding position, and the welding turntable can not only The workpiece is moved to the pending position, and the object can also be adjusted to a more appropriate position.

welding positioner

The use of welding turntables is generally used in combination with other welding equipment, such as welding rotator, welding manipulators, etc. In the world, the role of welding turntables is often underestimated by many people, but this is not the case. After a long period of product iteration, welding turntables have produced hundreds of series according to changes in functions and industries.

welding positioner

The welding turntable is mainly composed of the worktable rotating mechanism, the turning mechanism, and the electronic control system. Due to the influence of the eccentric distance and center distance, for many irregular objects or too long weldments, the model to be selected also needs to be selected to fit the type. The advantages of the welding turntable are many:

1. The welding turntable has the characteristics of extremely high welding accuracy: it can use the precise speed control brought by the reducer motor so that the welding accuracy can reach an error of 0.1mm.

2. The welding turntable has extremely high durability: the durability of the machine is generally concerned by many users, and the welding turntable has a very simple mechanism configuration, with a simple drive system, which can reduce the problem of drive failure.

3. The welding turntable has strong applicability: the welding turntable can not only be used for welding regular objects, but also for irregular objects. s level.

4. The welding operation of the welding turntable is reliable: the base of the welding turntable is made of thickened steel and is formed by welding the thickened steel plates. After annealing, the quality and precision of the machine are reliable.

5. The welding turntable has strong adjustability: There are many series of welding turntables, but all the machines use high-performance equipment. For example, the turning system of the welding turntable is driven by a servo motor, and the reducer is more Adopt international top brands to achieve ultra-high precision standards.

6. Welding turntables have ultra-high safety: Welding turntables are generally used for large workpieces or super-large irregular workpieces. Such workpieces have certain dangers, so welding turntables usually have a safety mechanism.

Elevating welding positioner

Although the welding turntable has many advantages, these advantages are also based on the quality of the welding turntable. If the quality of the selected welding turntable is not reliable enough, it will not only fail to meet the production efficiency of the production line but may even cause the production quality to decline. Therefore, You should know how to judge the quality of the welding positioner.

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