• Q: What are the after-sales of equipment like welding rotator?

  • A:

    Different equipment, we still have some differences in after-sales service. Take the welding rotator as an example. For example, when the machine involves customization or other requirements, we will communicate well with the customer in advance when it is delivered, and may add some customized services. After-sales service, but each machine of our after-sales service will include 12 hours of timely processing. Due to the time difference of individual countries, we often need to make a time difference, but we will be the first time we receive the user’s demand. Quickly solve such problems.

    Generally speaking, the usage of our machines is still very good, not only within the one-year warranty period, there will be no problems (except for some consumable materials), this is still recognized by 20 countries from all over the world. Almost every machine is equipped with one or more sets of vulnerable parts.

    Customers do not have to worry about the use of the machine. We not only have detailed instructions, and each customer will have a one-to-one professional engineer. You can communicate with our engineer at any time by email, phone, video, etc., and he will Solve the problem for you in a timely manner.

    If the machine has a serious failure, we will set up an expert group as soon as possible, and will solve your problem within three days, not only that, our engineers will also give a detailed report for your future use, to eliminate such problems The second time the problem occurred.

    Many people may be worried about the problem I mentioned above. Is it only the welding rotator? No, the above mentioned is included in all of our Fengwei machinery, including welding positioner, welding rotator, etc. We will have additional after-sales service for some high-quality customers or customized machines. These are all in our When the contract is signed, it is notified in advance.

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