H Beam Welding Line

  • Application:H beam
  • Combination equipment:welding rotator,Face Milling Machine...
  • T/H beam assembly machine

    T/H beam assembly machine

    Series Z18 of beam assembly machine is used for assembling T/H and other shaped steel structure, with high degree of automation and good precision, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

  • Face Milling Machine

    Face Milling Machine

    The face milling machine produced by Fengwei is mainly used in the butt joint of section steel, box beam, and slender workpieces.

  • Beam Welding Machine

    Beam Welding Machine

    The H-shaped steel welding equipment is suitable for the design, selection, production and acceptance of all kinds of welded H-shaped steel components. The welded h-shaped steel is also suitable for steel structure rods, beams, piles, industrial frames an

  • Beam Flange Straightening Machine

    Beam Flange Straightening Machine

    Compared with the traditional way of manual grinding and correction, this h-beam straightening machine effectively saves at least 50% of the labor cost and improves the work efficiency by at least 70%.

  • Beam assembly Machine

    Beam assembly Machine

    Beam assembly machineadopts a PLC programable controller to control the full processes of H-beam clamping, alignment and positioning, spot welding, which has rapid speed and high efficiency.

  • beam Assembling Welding Straightening Machine

    beam Assembling Welding Straightening Machine

    The beam Assembling Welding Straightening Machine is mainly used for the production of H-shaped steel.Different from the traditional split production line, this equipment integrates section steel assembly, welding machine, and straightening, with high pro

H beam production line

Learn more H beam production line

PDF documents related to FENGWEI H-beam Production Line:PDF documents related to FENGWEI H-Beam Welding Line

H Beam Welding Line is a highly automated H-beam steel production line. It aims to reduce and reduce the frequency of driving. By adopting automatic equipment such as conveyor rollers, turning machines and steel moving machines, the welding process H-shaped steel is conveyed, turned and moved, which significantly improves the user's production efficiency.

H Beam Welding Line related equipment

The standard four-piece set of H Beam Welding Line is: CNC cutting machine, H-Beam assembly machine, Beam welding machine, and Beam straightening machine

  • CNC cutting machine
  • H-beam assembly machine: This machine is the main equipment in the H-beam production line. It is suitable for the production of T-beams, H-beams, and variable-section H-beams. For H-beams, four welds can be spot welded at the same time, and they can be automatically assembled and formed at one time. complete.
  • Beam welding machine: Gantry welding machine or cantilever welding machine is one of the equipment for manufacturing H-shaped, T-shaped, and other Beam Welding Lines, mainly used for automatic submerged arc welding of equal and variable cross-section H-shaped steel and similar components welding.
  • Beam straightening machine: After the H-beam welding process is completed, the wing plate of the H-beam will be deformed under the action of the welding application, and it must be corrected before it can be used. This equipment is mainly used for wing plate correction of H-beam and T-beam after welding.

H Beam Welding Line Machine

H Beam Welding Line auxiliary equipment

In order to ensure the quality of welding, related equipment—turning and translation machine—is installed on the operating table of the Beam welding machine. This not only ensures the quality of the welding seam but also makes the production rhythm more coordinated. The entire operation adopts remote control, which is convenient and simple. . The turning and translation machine is a piece of necessary equipment to form the H-beam welding production line, and it is also a piece of the necessary equipment to improve the degree of automation of the production line. There are 3 types of flipping machines to choose from:

  • 90-degree hydraulic flip bracket
  • 60-degree hydraulic flip bracket
  • 80-degree hydraulic flip bracket

beam Assembling machine

Why choose our H Beam Welding Line?

  • Large-scale domestic welding and cutting equipment production base: a production base of 40,000 square meters and a professional technical R&D team composed of more than 100 people. The products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
  • 20 years of R&D and innovation, and won more than 100 domestic technology patents: It has established a provincial-level key R&D institution platform in the industry, has domestic advanced comprehensive technology development capabilities, and its core technology has obtained more than 100 authorized invention patents and software copyrights.
  • Oriented by customer needs, to create a lean concept of Fengwei production system: advanced production and processing equipment, dozens of high-precision CNC machining centers, laser cutting machine blanking, automated flow production process, comprehensively improve production and manufacturing capabilities, Quality assurance capabilities, cost control capabilities, and product delivery capabilities to meet customer needs with quality, cost, and delivery.
  • A strong after-sales team and a complete customer service support system: 24-hour positive response, on-site installation of equipment and free operation training, free repairs and maintenance within one year (except for wearing parts), and lifetime technical support.


Guidelines For H beam production line

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