How to choose a suitable welding positioner?

How to choose a suitable welding positioner?

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The welding positioner is mainly used to drag the welding workpiece. Its use can improve certain welding efficiency.

The welding positioner is mainly used to drag the welding workpiece. Its use can improve certain welding efficiency. It belongs to the auxiliary equipment of the welding equipment during use, so it plays a relatively large role in use, and its use can facilitate welding. The operation of the process, but there are many factors that need to be considered in the selection of the welding positioner. Next, I will introduce it to you in detail.

Components of welding positioner

1. Applicable principles of workpieces: The shapes of different layout parts of construction machinery are very different, and the requirements for welding auxiliary machines are also different. Therefore, a suitable welding positioner should be selected according to the layout characteristics of the welding arrangement components and the welding requirements. This is also conducive to the smooth progress of the laser welding process.

2. Under the principle of convenient welding, according to the state of the manual welding operation, the selected welding auxiliary machine should be able to transfer any welding seam of the welder to the horizontal welding or boat welding position, prevent vertical welding and overhead welding, and ensure the welding quality. This will also help to show the overall effect.

3. When selecting a welding positioner for circumferential seam welding, the reversal speed should be considered according to the groove of the weldment. The speed should be within the adjustment range of the positioner speed and meet the stability requirements of the working platform during operation. The groove of the weldment will also affect the smooth progress of the welding process.

4. If the entire weldment of the welding auxiliary machine is larger in size on the outer contour, it is necessary to consider whether the inclination or inclination of the worktable can meet the welding position of the weldment. When the bevel is in contact with the weldment, the gap between the workbench and the ground should be large when selecting the workbench to ensure that Huabao can verify the processing requirements of the entire welding.

5. Based on the principles of convenient operation, safety and reliability, openness, low operation height, and compact layout, the welding positioner is selected to facilitate the workers to operate and place the welding positioner. If the welding height of the positioner is high, the worker can weld by the height of the pad, or adjust the height position by assembling the hydraulic lifting table.

The above is an introduction to the requirements that need to be referred to when purchasing a welding positioner. There are many factors that need to be paid attention to when using a positioner. Attention must be paid to each different detail. First of all, it must conform to the type of workpiece to be processed, so that in the later stage can have certain advantages in use.

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