Purchase of Welding Rotators and Welding Rotator Manufacturer

Purchase of Welding Rotators and Welding Rotator Manufacturer

welding rotator, pipe rotator

Fengwei is an excellent manufacturer of welding rotators, our rotators can be used for the assembly and welding of heavy cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, vessels, boilers, oil tanks, etc.

100T welding rotatorFengwei is an excellent manufacturer of welding rotators(PDF documents related to FENGWEI welding rotator:PDF documents related to FENGWEI welding rotator), our rotators can be used for the assembly and welding of heavy cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, vessels, boilers, oil tanks, etc. we also provide welding manipulators, submerged arc welding machines, When used together with the welding positioner for sale, it can realize the welding of inner and outer longitudinal seams or inner and outer circumferential seams of various workpieces; not only that, some difficult-to-weld objects can also be easily solved by using the characteristics of the rotator, such as for master and slave After the height of the roller group is properly adjusted, the assembly and welding of the unequal diameter rotary body can also be carried out. Under normal circumstances, the welding objects of many factories are not irregular, and for some non-circular welding parts, if they are clamped in a special ring clamp, the welding operation can also be carried out on the welding rotator.

For the purchase of welding rotators, many customers will have a lot of incomprehension. Based on the experience we have summarized over the years, we have summarized the following 5 aspects for the selection of welding rotators:

1. About the operability of the welding rotator

First of all, the selected welding rotator must have the characteristics of reliability and safety, moderate operation height, and relatively compact structure, which can greatly increase the simplicity of the operator's work. It should be known that the operation height of the welding rotator is not If it is appropriate, not only does the operator need to adjust its position several times to operate, but it is also dangerous in terms of safety. Therefore, the simpler the operation of the selected welding rotator, the better, and the welding rotator is suitable for welders, which can improve the efficiency of the entire welding process.

welding rotator for pipe

2. About the use of the welding rotator for the workpiece

Among the welding parts of different structures, there are certain differences in their shapes, so when the welding rotator is used, the welding position requirements will also be different from the position of the welding point during the welding process. According to the structural parts and welding requirements, choose our welding rotator.

welding rotator for sale

3. About the welding convenience of the welding rotator

There are generally two ways of welding, one is manual welding and the other is robot welding. In some difficult welding positions, we can usually combine manual and robot welding conditions, so the welding roller frame we choose must be able to achieve Weld any welding seam horizontally to avoid unnecessary overhead welding and vertical welding and effectively ensure the quality of the entire welding process during the entire welding process.

pipe welding rotator

4. About the types and specifications of welding rotators

There are many types of welding rotators. Generally, the most common ones are self-adjusting welding rotators, self-aligning welding rotators, adjustable welding rotators, screw welding rotators, dust-proof and explosion-proof welding rotators, etc. Choose the type that is most suitable for your own factory. Not only that, but different types of welding rotators have different specifications. Take Fengwei as an example. Our conventional welding rotators have specifications of 1-1000t. Of course, you can also To meet higher configuration, each type of rotator has different functions when facing workpieces of different quality. And for different operators, their operating habits, etc., are also different. Therefore, we can only proceed from the actual situation to consider which one is more appropriate. If the diameter of the cylinder is 3500mm, then a large tonnage welding rotator should be used.

welding rotator

5. About the roller material of the welding rotator

Welding rotator rollers are made of various materials, mainly including steel rubber combined rollers, polyurethane rollers, metal rollers, etc. Its specific requirements are mainly required to have good wear resistance. Otherwise, there are no requirements. Therefore, some anti-wear materials can be appropriately added to the material to meet this requirement.

pipe rotator

If you still can't choose a welding rotator, you can contact us immediately. We have a professional team of experts who can customize a welding rotator or a corresponding welding line solution for you free of charge.‍

1-ton adjustable welding rotator

welding rotator, pipe rotator

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