Features of Fengwei Welding Manipulator

Features of Fengwei Welding Manipulator

welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is mainly a device that sends and maintains the welding head or welding torch in the position to be welded or moves the flux along a specified trajectory at a selected welding speed.

Column and BoomThe welding manipulator is mainly a device that sends and maintains the welding head or welding torch in the position to be welded or moves the flux along a specified trajectory at a selected welding speed. Welding manipulator can be used in combination with welding rotator, welding positioner, etc. It is a piece of special equipment for automatic welding of inner and outer circumferential seams, fillet welds, and inner and outer longitudinal seams of components, including fixed, rotary, all-position, etc. structure types. According to the needs of users, the structure can be selected and matched with various welding machines, and auxiliary functions such as tracking, swing, monitoring, flux recovery, and transportation can be added.

Composition principle of welding manipulator: It is mainly composed of the operating device, control device, power source device, and process support device.

1. The operating device includes a guide rail, an inclination adjustment mechanism, a vertical guide mechanism, a welding torch clamp, and a welding torch. The inclination adjustment mechanism enables the welding torch to rotate positively and negatively around the center.

2. The control device is composed of an electrical control system, which can control the working state of the welding manipulator.

3. The power source device is composed of cylinders, which are driven by air pressure for power transmission.

4. The process guarantee device is composed of a wire guide mechanism, a wire guide tube, and a wire guide nozzle, which can realize the automatic guiding and positioning of the welding wire and ensure the quality of the welding seam. The welding manipulator can cooperate with the special welding parts displacement machine to realize one-time clamping of the cylinder body, and the two welding torches can weld the left and right sides at the same time, which greatly improves the processing accuracy and production efficiency.

Automatic welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is generally composed of columns, beams, slewing mechanisms, trolleys, and other components. Each component is a building block structure. Generally, columns and beams are the basic components, and other components can be selected according to user requirements. Columns and beams adopt bending and welding structural parts, which have good rigidity. Light, medium, and heavy welding manipulators all use triangular guide rails, and super heavy duty welding machines use flat square guide rails, all of which are ground and high-frequency quenched. The high precision of the guide rail and its wear resistance is guaranteed. It is used for longitudinal seam welding and circumferential seam welding of inner and outer seams of cylindrical workpieces such as boiler drums and petrochemical vessels in pressure vessels. Unique cross-section design of beams and columns, post-weld stress relief treatment, planning, and grinding. Lightweight, high strength, and good stability. The design of the telescopic arm in the beam can effectively increase the horizontal telescopic distance of the beam.

Movable welding manipulator

The lifting of the beam adopts the constant speed mode of the AC motor, the lifting is stable and uniform, and the safety factor is high. With a safe anti-fall device. Beam telescopic, column electric slewing, electric trolley all adopt AC motor variable frequency stepless speed regulation, constant torque output, stable speed (especially at low speed), quick start or stop, speed digital display, and preset.

The column rotation is divided into manual and electric. The slewing bearing adopts the products of domestic famous brand manufacturers, with its high-precision gears, flexible rotation, and pneumatic locking, which is safe and reliable.

The trolley adopts the standard railway track as the walking track, which is divided into two types: manual and electric. Manual is suitable for light-duty and small-moving manipulators, and electric is suitable for heavy-duty or large-moving manipulators.

Fixed Welding Manipulator

The manned manipulator is equipped with a manned operating platform, which moves with the cross arm.

The welding manipulator adopts the manual control box and the machine head control box (welding control box) to form the near control and remote control mode, the operation is flexible and convenient, and the linkage interface is reserved in the electrical box, which can be connected with the welding rotator, positioner, circular Rotary table to achieve synchronous linkage.

welding manipulator

welding manipulator

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