Face Milling Machine Equipment & Manufacturer

Face Milling Machine Equipment & Manufacturer

Face Milling Machines

Fengwei welding automation equipment manufacturer has more than 20+ years of experience in the design and research of face milling machines. We have a complete team of engineers to provide users with the best face milling machine solutions.

Face Milling Machine

The face milling machine has a large processing range and is suitable for end face cutting of metal materials such as castings and steel parts. It is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. Milling adopts helical gear drive, with high precision and low noise. The whole machine has strong rigidity, is not easy to be damage, easy to maintain, has various functions, and has large geometric dimensions. It is ideal equipment for machining.

Lifting table milling machine: there are universal, horizontal, and vertical types, etc., mainly used for processing small and medium-sized parts, and is the most widely used.

Gantry milling machine: including gantry boring and milling machine, gantry milling planer, and double-column milling machine, both of which are used to process large parts.

Single-column milling machine and single-arm milling machine: the horizontal milling head of the former can move along the column guide rail, and the worktable is fed longitudinally; the end milling head of the latter can move horizontally along the cantilever guide rail, and the cantilever can also adjust the height along the column guide rail. Both are used for machining large parts.

The worktable does not lift the milling machine: there are two kinds of jug-shaped working table and a round table, which is a medium-sized milling machine between the lifting table milling machine and the gantry milling machine. Its vertical movement is completed by the milling head rising and falling on the column.

Instrument milling machine: a small lifting table milling machine for processing instruments and other small parts.

⑥ Tool milling machine: used for mold and tool manufacturing, equipped with various accessories such as end milling head, universal angle table, and plug, and can also be used for drilling, boring, and plunging.

Other milling machines: such as keyway milling machines, cam milling machines, crankshaft milling machines, roll journal milling machines, square steel ingot milling machines, etc., are special milling machines manufactured for processing corresponding workpieces.

Face Milling Machine

According to the control mode, milling machines are divided into copy milling machines, program control milling machines, and digital control milling machines. Face milling machine lathe operators should pay attention to the following items when operating to avoid danger.

(1) Wear tight protective clothing, do not open the cuffs, wear protective caps for long hair, and do not wear gloves when operating.

(2) The loading and unloading of the chuck on the spindle of the machine tool should be carried out after the machine is stopped, and the chuck cannot be removed by the power of the motor.

(3) It is best to use a protective cover for the protruding parts of the chuck, dial, and heart clamp that hold the workpiece, so as not to entangle clothes and other parts of the body.

(4) When clamping the workpiece with the center, the center should be the same as the center hole, and the damaged or skewed center should not be used. The center and the center hole should be cleaned before use. The top of the rear tailstock should be firm.

(5) When turning slender workpieces, the center frame or the tool rest should be used to ensure safety, and the part that grows out of the lathe should be marked.

(6) When turning workpieces with irregular shapes, a balance block should be installed, and the balance should be tested before cutting.

(7) The tool should be clamped firmly, the protruding part of the tool head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body, the shape and size of the gasket should be consistent with the shape and size of the tool body, and the gasket should be as few and flat as possible.

(8) Except that the lathe is equipped with an automatic measuring device in operation, the workpiece should be stopped to measure and the tool rest should be moved to a safe position.

(9) For the strip-shaped chips and spiral-shaped long chips that have been cut, use hooks to remove them in time, and it is strictly forbidden to pull them by hand.

(10) A transparent baffle should be installed in a suitable position to prevent the chips from hurting people.

(11) When grinding the surface of the workpiece with emery cloth, move the tool to a safe position, and do not let clothes and hands touch the surface of the workpiece. When processing the inner hole, the emery cloth should not be supported with fingers, a wooden stick should be used instead, and the speed should not be too fast.

(12) It is forbidden to put tools, fixtures, or workpieces on the lathe bed and the spindle gearbox. There are mainly the following aspects:

Face Milling Machine

Before using a face mill:

1. Check important parts.

2. After cleaning the exposed rails, lubricate all parts as required

3. Run dry and see if the lubrication system is normal.

After using a face mill:

1. Clean up iron filings.

2. Wipe down the machine.

3. All parts are in place.

Face Milling Machine

The bed and surface of the face milling machine

1. Clean the bed and the dead corners on the surface.

2. Remove burrs from the rail surface.

3. Clean the oil tank and replace it with new oil. Replace worn parts.

The headstock of the face milling machine

1. Adjust the clip gap.

2. The handle position is correct and not loose.

3. Adjust the spindle clearance.

4. Replace worn parts.

Lubricating part of face milling machine

1. The oil circuit is smooth and well lubricated.

2. The fuel tank is clean and sufficient.

3. Clean the oil filter.

4. Clean the fuel tank and replace it with new oil.

5. Replace the worn parts.

other aspects

1. The line is not leaking.

2. All contacts are in good contact

3. Measure the motor insulation performance and clean the motor.

4. Replace worn parts.

Accuracy of face milling machine

The accuracy of the face milling machine needs to meet the factory standards or meet the production process requirements under the condition of national requirements, and after meeting the requirements, it is necessary to ensure that the accuracy is almost error-free.

Fengwei welding automation equipment manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in the design and research of face milling machines. We have a complete team of engineers to provide users with the best face milling machine solutions. If you are looking for a suitable face milling machine Manufacturer and suppliers, you can get in touch with us directly.

Face Milling Machines

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