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FengWei H-beam production line

The fabricated steel structure is a veritable green building, which is conducive to environmental protection and energy-saving. The prefabricated steel structure can save construction time, and the construction is not affected by the season; it can increase the use of residential space; reduce construction waste and environmental pollution, and the building materials can be reused, and the seismic performance is good. Due to the short cycle and space-saving, the real estate industry has fast financing and a high capital utilization rate, which greatly promotes national economic development.

H-beam steel is the most used steel structure for the installation and configuration of steel structures. So what machines are needed to produce H-beam steel?

H-beam cutting machine

cutting machine


The system's CNC flame cutting machine adopts a portal structure, single-sided or double-sided, high-efficiency, and high-performance automation equipment that combines computer control, precision machinery, and oxygen gas cutting.

Assembling machine

beam Assembling machine

Performance characteristics

1. The heavy-duty assembly machine retains the advantage that the light-duty assembly machine can automatically center and clamp, making the operation convenient and quick.

2. The automatic centering mechanism of the heavy-duty assembly machine adopts hydraulic motor drive and gear transmission, which solves the problems of the limited stroke of the oil cylinder of the light-duty assembly machine and the easy extension of the chain, and improves the reliability of the equipment operation.

3. The heavy-duty assembly machine can process larger H-beams according to user requirements.

Gantry submerged arc welding machine

Gantry submerged arc welding machine

main feature

The basic principle of gantry welding machine:

1) Two H-beams are placed on the workpiece holder inside the guide rail at a 45-degree boat-shaped welding position;

2) The gantry walks on the guide rail at the adjusted welding speed;

3) Two sets of submerged arc welding are used to weld two welds at the same time;

4) The arc guide frame is used to automatically track the welding seam;

5) Adopt an automatic flux conveying and recycling system.

Straightening machine

Straightening machine

Two upper straightening wheels are used to straighten the wing plate downwards. Unlike the mechanical straightening machine, the power to push the straightening wheels is the cylinder instead of the reducer. The use of upward pressure correction has the following characteristics:

1. Both sides of the wing plate can be corrected separately, and the effect of the correction can be controlled so that the corrected web can be vertical;

2. The roller table does not need to be raised and lowered, the cost is reduced, and the operation is simple.

Because of the lightweight, reasonable structure, plasticity, and flexibility of welded H-beam steel, its structure is very stable, able to withstand more impacts, and when an earthquake comes, it will cause more damage to humans on the run and collapse. Due to the gravity and welded H-shaped steel of the building, the force when it hits humans is much smaller, and its structure allows it to form a protective space after it collapses. The steel column of H-shaped steel can also play a very good anti-vibration effect.

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