Welding instructions for H-beam production line

Welding instructions for H-beam production line

H-beam production line

Relevant instructions for the H-beam production line, including: production process, main welding automation equipment, production specifications, process characteristics of the production line, etc.


H-beam is a new type of economical construction steel. It is an economical section and high-efficiency section with a more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and a more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio.It has strong bending resistance, high structural strength, high structural stability, high structural precision, light structural weight, high degree of industrial production, rich and flexible design style, environmental protection, simple construction, fast construction speed, small footprint, suitable for all -The advantages of weather construction, doubling of capital turnover rate and cost saving have been widely used.

Overview of high-frequency welding H-beam production line

H-beam production specifications

The standards followed in the production of high-frequency welded H-beams include ASTHMA-6 Standard Specification for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Plates, Plates and Sheets, ASTM A36/A36M-05 Technical Specifications for Carbon Structural Steels, and JIS G3353 Lightweight Welded H-beams for General Structures, JG/T137—2007 high-frequency welded thin-walled H-section steel for the structure, YB3301—2005 welded H-section steel, GB50017—2003 steel structure design specification, GB50205—2001 steel structure engineering construction quality acceptance specification (for reference only)

H-beam production linesH-beam production lines

Production line production capacity

Production Process

1. Production process.

The process flow of the production line is: the strip steel coil after slitting is hoisted into the preparation table or the uncoiling trolley → the trolley runs to the uncoiler → lifts the coil → the cooler supports the steel coil → the straight-head machine rotates the rubber wheel Press down to prevent the steel coil from loosening → straight-head tractor work → head and tail leveling → shear butt welding (steel connection) → looper storage → inlet guide → assembly forming → high-frequency welding → water cooling → Section steel straightening→pull out→flange correction→flying saw cutting→collecting and packing.

2 . Process characteristics of a production line

First, the production line has reliable technology and advanced technology to meet the requirements of economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Second, by changing the strip size of the steel belt feeding mechanism (3 feeding mechanisms in total, including 2 flanges and 1 web), the size of the webs and flanges can be flexibly changed.

Third, the high-frequency welding machine adopts the Sematur solid-state high-frequency induction contact welding machine to ensure the high quality of the product.

Fourth, the horizontal spiral looper is used to provide a time interval for completing the connection work of the coil, to ensure the continuity of production and increase the production capacity.

Fifth, the flying saw can cut H-shaped steel to length online.

Sixth, the online H-beam straightening device can ensure the close tolerance of the geometrical dimensions of the H-beam in the exit section of the production line.

H-beam straightening machineH-beam straightening machine

3.Production line equipment

Production line preparation area equipment

Storage rack: The storage rack is a device designed to store steel coils. Two sets of shallow V-shaped plates made of steel are directly fixed on the base of the reinforced concrete foundation.

Coiling trolley: The coiling trolley removes the steel coil from the storage platform and sends it to the decoiler. The roller lifting platform of the up-rolling trolley is a four-column hydraulic lifting platform, and the trolley is driven by a motor.

Uncoiler: The decoiler supports and unwinds the steel coil. It adopts a single cantilever expansion mechanism with a supporting device. It is uncoiled by a cycloid motor and a clutch drive cone. It has a pneumatic brake and micro-tension performance. The coil is centered by a hydraulic moving frame.

Up and down uncoiling device: The up and down uncoiling device shovels the steel coil head and introduces it into the strip head fed by the decoiler, which can realize the up and down uncoiling and rough leveling of the steel strip. It consists of a shovel blade, a reverse bending device, a lower unwinding roller, and so on. The shovel blade is a flat blade structure. The lower unwinding roller is driven by a motor reducer, and the roller drives to assist the lower unwinding of the decompiler. The reverse bending device reverses the steel belt to facilitate the smooth delivery of the steel belt to the next equipment.

Straight head machine: The straight head machine presses the steel coil material head, and the auxiliary decoiler drives the steel coil to rotate, and the reverse bending head facilitates the smooth entry of the steel strip into the next equipment. The upper-pressure roller is a steel roller with an external rubber structure, which is actively driven by an AC motor to drive the steel coil to rotate during uncoiling. It can rotate forward or reverse according to different plate types. For the situation that the straightening effect is not very good, the straightening device controlled by the hydraulic cylinder can adjust the position for straightening according to the diameter of the steel coil to be dismantled, and a good straightening effect has been achieved.

Pinch leveling machine: The leveling machine presses the steel coil head, shovels it, and introduces it into the strip head fed by the decoiler to level the strip. It uses a 5-roll leveling machine (feeding rolls, 5 leveling rolls, 2 of which are on the top and 3 on the bottom) combined structure to achieve excellent leveling effects.

Shearing butt welding device: The flattened strip head enters the device and is connected to the tail of the previous roll, ready for continuous production of welding. Both the head and the tail must be cut, and after adjusting the gap, the welding is carried out to complete the shearing butt welding process. The equipment consists of a forward-moving board machine, a shearing machine, a welding device, and a rear moving board machine.

Horizontal spiral looper: To ensure the continuity and stability of the production process, the strip steel horizontal spiral looper is selected to ensure continuous production of the assembled welding unit and provide a time interval for completing the connection of the coil. The looper adopts a fixed-coil system of external entry and internal exit. During the working process, the butt-connected strip is stored in the looper, and the number of coils of the steel strip in the looper remains unchanged. The looper is easy to install, simple to operate, and the steel belt is not repeatedly folded in the looper, no local plastic deformation, no stretch plastic deformation, smooth discharge, low discharge resistance, and the energy consumption of the pull-out unit, roll consumption, and bearing The wear is small, which can improve the quality of the weld and the yield rate.

Welding detail drawing of H-beam production line

Welding detail drawing of H-beam production line

Production line assembly area equipment

The equipment in the preparation area of ​​the production line is ready for the production of section steel. The following describes the characteristics of the equipment in the assembly area of ​​the current production line.

First, the appearance is a frame structure, which replaces the previous column design, ensuring that the frame can uniformly absorb the forming load capacity in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

The second is three sets of entrance pinch roller devices.

Third, to ensure that the drape of the strip meets the requirements, a drape control tension device is used to adjust the speed of the pinch rollers at the inlet and outlet.

Fourth, to ensure that the verticality of the web into the welding fixture meets the requirements, the web torsion frame and S-shaped bend are used.

H-beam production line-assembly machine

H-beam production line-assembly machine


Other process equipment

High-frequency welding machine: Use the special solid-state high-frequency induction contact welding machine (two sets, respectively installed on the top flange and the bottom flange) of Senator H-beam steel to weld the upper and lower wing plates and the webs into a whole.

Water cooling equipment: To reduce welding stress and deformation, it is equipped with a cooling system. The system has a water spray device and a conveyor roller device at the front and rear. The lower roller of the conveying roller device is fixed, and the upper roller can be adjusted up and down manually by a lifter.

Section steel straightening equipment: Section steel straightening corrects the bending and torsion of the product.

Pull-out roller: The pull-out roller is the roller in contact with the web. The inside of the frame driven by the three motors is fixed, and the outside can be moved by hydraulic cylinders. The drive relies on a DC motor to drive the worm gear reducer and drive the roller shaft. The lower roller is fixed, and the upper roller can be moved up and down by adjusting the elevator.

Flange correction equipment: The lower correction roller of the lower wing plate is fixed on the rolling line, and the upper correction roller can be adjusted up and down according to the thickness of the wing plate. The upper wing plate correction roller can be manually adjusted vertically along the rolling line as a whole, and the upper wing plate correction roller can be adjusted up and down according to the thickness of the wing plate.

Flying saw cutting equipment: The cut-to-length cutting adopts the flying saw to track and cut, which ensures the precise cut-to-length and cutting quality of the section steel.

Collection and packing: The equipment adopts an independent drive conveying track to quickly transport the sawn section steel to the rear collection area and pack it.

H-beam production line

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