Welding automation equipment required for H-beam production

Welding automation equipment required for H-beam production


for H-beams, the casting process requires multiple steps, and each step requires welding automation equipment. So what is needed?

With the rise of the construction and environmental protection industries, the production of H-beams has been demanded from countries all over the world, but for H-beams, the casting process requires multiple steps, and each step requires welding automation equipment. So what is needed?

H-beam production process

First, let's talk about the production process of H-beam. When we understand the process, talk about the main welding equipment involved. The production of H-beam is mainly divided into 5 parts:

1. Cutting material (CNC flame cutting machine or strip cutting machine)

The first step for H-beam production is to process the steel plate. Generally, we cut the steel plate into three parts or the required parts, which contain the corresponding dimensions. The machine used includes a CNC flame cutting machine or a strip cutting machine: the cutting machine is a high-efficiency, oxygen-fuel gas cutting equipment, which can be configured according to the user's needs and can cut along the vertical and horizontal directions. , It can cut and process multiple steel plates at the same time. As a piece of cutting equipment for the H-beam, it already has excellent and complete functions.

strip cutting machine

2. H-beam assembly (automatic assembly machine)

The cut steel plate needs to be assembled with three steel plates according to a certain size ratio. If you want to assemble it, you must have specific assembly equipment. Among them, the assembly machine plays a vital role: the H-beam automatic assembly machine is mainly aimed at tightening and centering the steel plate when it is assembled. The whole process of positioning and spot welding is automatically controlled. It can quickly complete the entire process, and can also realize automatic assembly spot welding for H-beams with variable cross-sections.

automatic assembly machine

3. Chain Manipulator and steel conveyer (Chain Manipulator and steel conveyer)

After the steel plates are assembled, the basic shape of the H-shaped steel almost comes out. At this time, it needs to be turned and transported by the machine. The role of the chain Manipulator and the steel conveyor plays a key role. The H-shaped steel is mainly processed by these two machines. The flip and transfer.

Chain Manipulator and steel conveyer

4. Welding of H-shaped steel(automatic welding machines

In the process of turning over, the steel body needs to be welded, and the combination of the H-shaped steel is accurately positioned, so an automatic welding machine must be used for welding. For automatic welding machines, Fengwei Machinery is professional. We have designed different types of automatic welding machines. Among them, cantilever welding machines and gantry automatic welding machines have been well received from all over the world.

automatic welding machines

5. Correction of H-shaped steel(flange straightening machine

After the welding of each contact surface of the H-shaped steel is completed, the H-shaped steel needs to be inspected to determine whether it is suitable for the H-shaped steel standard. Here, the correction of the steel body is an inevitable process. To make the H-shaped steel more stable and finished products, Correction, poor assembly, satin finishing, polishing, painting, and other processes are also required. The correction machine needs to pass a flange straightening machine, which can correct the deformed steel plate by mechanical correction or hydraulic correction, and the operation is very convenient.

 flange straightening machine

For these H-beam welding automation equipment, Fengwei Machinery is professional in this regard. We not only have a complete H-beam production line but also have our professional knowledge in welding auxiliary equipment, such as welding rotators and welding Positioners, welding manipulators, etc.


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