How to choose pipe welding rotator and manufacturer?

How to choose pipe welding rotator and manufacturer?

pipe welding rotator

The pipe welding rotator is driven by dual motors, and the rollers are divided into rubber wheels, steel wheels, and rigid rubber combined wheels. The control system can be analog or digital control and can be linked with other equipment.

The pipe welding rotator is driven by dual motors, and the rollers are divided into rubber wheels, steel wheels, and rigid rubber combined wheels. The control system can be analog or digital control and can be linked with other equipment. Pipe welding rotators are widely used in industries such as wind and electric pressure vessels, petrochemicals, pipelines, boilers, and surfacing welding repairs.

pipe welding rotator

First of all, pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer, you can go to the factory to have a detailed look. This is an important point. Secondly, the service life of after-sales machinery and equipment is generally relatively long. Therefore, when purchasing, you must sign a contract and write down after-sales matters. After the contract, before buying, you can shop around to determine the right price to purchase. Of course, quality and after-sales are the first choices.

1. Check and remove the obstacles on the machine before welding and use and keep it. Do not touch the oil and fire when the pipe welding revolver is connected, and the oil injection holes should always be filled with oil.

2. Rolling bearings: Lubricate through the oil cap on the bearing cover. Sodium-based grease is recommended.

3. Transmission gear: Use the gear protection cover that needs to be removed actively, and apply a proper amount of grease on the gear. Sodium-based grease is recommended. During use, lubricating grease can be filled through the oil filling hole on the gear cover, and foreign matter is strictly prohibited from falling into the gear.

4. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer: Please add grease as required before use. It is recommended to use grease-2#, molybdenum disulfide-2#, or 2L-23 lithium-based grease at room temperature. The amount of grease loaded is 1/2-1/3 of the volume of the reducer. It is not advisable to add too much grease, otherwise, it will generate heat of stirring. The reducer should be replaced after the 300 disappeared in the first operation. When replacing, the remaining dirty oil should be removed. Replace it every 6 months thereafter.

5. In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, all transmission parts should be checked for lubrication regularly and irregularly. The cycloid reducer must be checked monthly to make up for lubricating oil.

6. All transmission parts have not been lubricated and are strictly prohibited to use.

7. Before restarting the equipment that has been sealed for a long time, the grease must be replaced.

8. During use, the roller should fully contact the workpiece. It is strictly forbidden for the welding seam or sharp parts to touch the roller to avoid damage to the roller.

9. When hoisting and placing the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller vigorously to prevent the roller or other parts from being damaged. When the device is not fixed, a strong impact may cause the device to overturn.

10. When the pipe welding rotator is used for a small diameter cylinder, if the cylinder moves axially, the adjusting bolt under the arc plate can be adjusted to adjust the lifting position of the roller (within a certain range) to ensure the cylinder The working position is in good condition.

Mass pipe welding rotator

We can choose from a variety of pipe welding rotators according to different needs

The pipe welding rotator is a kind of component that drives the cylindrical welding device to rotate through the power generated by the friction between the roller and the assembled weldment. Generally, the pipe welding rotator that we can adjust by ourselves is used to weld circular cylinder parts. We can adjust the distance between these two positions according to the size of the cylinder. If a large tonnage is required, we can also design and manufacture corresponding products for you to meet your satisfaction. The product is adjusted manually through a screw device, or it can be adjusted with a bolt, and we can also use a mobile electric skateboard to operate. These three forms are relatively flexible and relatively large in demand.

pipe welding rotator

In order to adapt to cylindrical devices with different diameters, we can do this by focusing on the center distance of the rollers. According to the different adjustment methods of the pipe welding rotator, we can be divided into many types such as adjustable type, tiltable type, and so on. Some use frequency conversion control for reliable advanced communication. Assemble the main engine and auxiliary engine to form a pipe welding rotator, and use four wheels to adjust the relevant parameters by combining active and passive. The combination of the inner iron core and the outer rubber to form a wheel frame is very stable and can be used for a long time. The force generated by the operation of the turbine gearbox is operated according to the speed-regulating motor, and the continuously variable speed is also regulated and controlled by the controller. Such mechanical noise is very low, and industrial devices are indeed quite stable.

pipe welding rotator

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