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Know about the types of the Pipe Welding Rotator

Pipe Welding Rotator is such equipment that is used in welding large cylindrical objects without exhausting. These welding rotators are used to rotate heavy pipes, containers, tanks, and vessels. It contains sturdy turning rolls that can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece. You can choose them to make your welding work more effective and comfortable and lead your company to the highest profitability ratio.

Also, it consists of many excellent features such as high durability, stable and constant turning speed, excellent finishing, quality product, and many other best features. Several companies offer them to enhance the production of the company. And, you can find many types in the Pipe Welding Rotator. You can choose one that suits your work profile.

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For this purpose, here are some types that are available in welding rotators, and you can find them below:

Ø 10,000 KG welding rotator: It is known as the best welding rotator and contains a 10,000 kg capacity with a voltage of 240 VAC 1 Ph. The speed is adjustable up to 600 mm/min, and it is enough to handle the heavy-duty workpieces in no time. The length of the equipment is 240 cm with 60 cm width. The weight is 290 kg with a 300-2000 diameter and an SWL 10 metric tonne pipe turning capacity. You can combine it with an idler unit SW -3TRI -2 to get all the advantages of this equipment. 

Ø 5,000 kg welding rotator: The capacity of Pipe Welding Rotator is 15000 kg, and the voltage is 240 VAC 1 ph. You can adjust the speed from 100 to 600 mm/min with overload protection. The length of this machine is 180 cm - 200 cm with a height of 63 cm. The weight is 550 kg, and the diameter of this welding rotator is 300 -2000 mm. You can find it the best for your company. And, you can effectively increase the production of your company by actively performing on this welding rotator. So, if you are looking for a welding rotator, you can consider choosing for your company.

Ø 1000 kg welding rotator: As shown by the name, you can handle 1000 kg capacity on a Pipe Welding Rotator with full efficacy. The voltage of this rotator is 220-240 VAC, and the speed ranges from 0 to 4 rpm. It comes with overload protection, and you can find its weight of 52 kg that is enough to handle the large workpieces comfortably. It is the best-selling product in over 20 years, and it contains a 50-350 mm diameter. It features a 1 metric tonne pipe turning capacity comfortably. It comes with a removable foot and hand controller on which you can perform all the rotating activities efficiently.

Ø 3000 kg welding rotator: You can manage 300 kg capacity on Pipe Welding Rotator, and the voltage of this equipment is 220-240 VAC 1 ph. The speed ranges from 0-3 rpm, and it comes with overload protection buttons. The weight of this welding rotator is 98 kg, and its height is 360 mm. You can use it to perform all the heavy-duty tasks efficiently to get higher production. It has a 100-1200 diameter with SWL 3 metric tonne turning capacity. You can use it to turn your heavy work into an easy task. In this manner, you can enjoy the work and perform it well.

Ø 4000 kg vertical welding rotator: The capacity of this welding rotator is 4000 kg with the 220-240 VAC 1 ph voltage. The speed ranges from 0-3 rpm. It comes to the overload protection that makes your welding work easier to perform. The height of this rotator is 340 mm, and the weight is 138 kg on which you can obtain a higher production ratio. It is mainly used in welding and cutting pipe sections and truck rims in a vertical position. It consists of 200-1500 mm diameter that is perfect to handle all types of heavy-duty works efficiently. So, you can buy this one for your company to get the desired output results and enhance the growth of the company.

Ø 4000 kg welding rotator: You can find this welding rotator is the best for your company as it can handle the 4000 kg capacity workpiece efficiently. The voltage of this rotator is 220-240 VAC with a speed of 3 rpm. The weight of this welding rotator is 134 kg with a maximum height of 340 mm. This welding rotator is extremely reliable and durable and is the perfect choice for your company to perform all the welding and rotation activities. You can buy it to increase the productivity of the company effectively. 

Ø 6000 kg welding rotator: The capacity of the welding rotator is 6000 kg and it can manage any large workpiece very effectively. The voltage of this product is 220-240 VAC 1 ph with the variation of the speed from 100 to 600 mm/min. Coming with overload protection, it is very safe to use. The diameter of this product is 300-2000 mm, so you can rotate any length of the workpiece on this welding rotator. So, this is the best rotator for the company to handle the large object without adding much effort. It also helps to enhance the productivity of the company by improving the work conditions. Thus, you can consider this Pipe Welding Rotator for the benefit of the company.

You can select any one welding rotator that can suit your work profile. For this purpose, Fengwei is the best automation company that offers all types of machines including a Pipe Welding Rotator.



Conclusion: As we know, these welding rotators are the best equipment to enhance the overall performance of the company by boosting productivity.

For this purpose, several companies provide welding rotators and other equipment that is necessary for the fabrication company to increase the productivity of the company. So, you can choose any one welding rotator for your company that provides you with a quality and durable welding rotator so that you can perform on that throughout your life.

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