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Special welding rotator for painting

When welding large workpieces, the role of the welding rotator is indispensable. When sandblasting or painting a large cylinder, it is necessary to have a special welding rotator for painting. Generally, after the grinding of large workpieces, the drum needs to be hoisted to the painting welding rotator and then painted. Due to the large diameter and weight of the cylinder, it is difficult to hoist and affect the overall processing efficiency, so the use of welding rotators is very important.

special welding rotator for painting

The factory can adjust the distance of the rollers through the screw or dart to meet the welding requirements of different specifications of workpieces. The welding rotator can be fixed, manually movable, and electric movable according to the requirements of the customer's workpiece. At the same time, the company can design and customize a special welding rotator suitable for large diameter and adjustable boom barrels, special welding rotators for stainless steel cylinders, special welding rotators for elliptical workpieces, and special welding for eccentric workpieces. Rotator, servo-driven special welding rotator, hydraulic lifting special welding rotator, and other related welding rotators. Adjustable welding rotator, according to the diameter of the workpiece, the center distance of the roller can be adjusted by screw or dart. It is convenient to use and has a wide range of workpieces.

Applicable working conditions and working environment for spray paint welding rotator

Painting working conditions

l  Altitude does not exceed 1000m

l  Ambient air temperature range: 0℃~40℃

Relative air humidity: When the average daily temperature is not greater than 25°C, the average relative humidity in the wet month is 90%.

l  Grid voltage fluctuation: within ±10% (when the grid frequency is at the rated value)

l  Grid frequency fluctuation: ≤±1% (when the grid voltage is at the rated value)

Working environment

Equipment should be placed in explosive or corrosive industrial gas, water vapor, salt spray, and chemical deposits that do not cause serious harm or affect the normal use of welding rotator, and should be kept away from violent vibration and turbulence.

special welding rotator for painting

Structural characteristics of spray-paint welding rotator

1. It can be combined arbitrarily according to the weight and length of the weldment, which is convenient and flexible to use;

2. The center distance of the rollers is automatically adjusted within the specified range, suitable for weldments of different diameters, and the cylindrical weldment is placed smoothly;

3. SCR-powered DC motor drive, step-less speed regulation, a wide range of welding speed, stable speed;

4. Strong applicability and widely used;

5. Combined rollers, steel wheels outsourcing rubber, smooth transmission, high friction, and long life;

6. The wheel pressure on the workpiece is small, which can avoid cold work hardening on the working surface.

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