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The development history of welding turning rolls

Welding turning rolls, also known as welding rotators, are generally used in the welding and assembly of large workpieces to support the workpiece and can be rotated by the roller to allow the welding worker or welding machine to accurately weld to the corresponding position. The application of welding turning rolls is very wide, and it can be applied to almost all large tanks, such as pressure vessels, boilers, electric power, petrochemicals, bridge construction, etc. which are inseparable from it.

Welding turning rolls design drawing

With the development of the industry, welding turning rolls began to be more proactive in the use of the industry, not only from the initial fixed type to the mobile type, from the non-energized type to the automated integrated equipment, from the single product to the entire production line Configuration, welding turning rolls ushered in a new upsurge in the industry.

Welding turning rolls has contributed to the environmental protection industry

With the development of new energy and environmental protection awareness, more and more countries have begun to pay attention to the use of energy. Environmental protection equipment such as wind towers and power towers have also begun to appear in the public eye. It is composed of multiple cylinders. In life, although its volume is not large when viewed from a distance, its real volume and weight are extremely huge, especially since each cylinder can weigh dozens of tons and counts. One hundred tons and the use of multiple sets of welding turning rolls can easily complete the welding and assembly, not only can save a lot of labor, but also can increase the efficiency many times.

Wind tower production line

Diversified types of welding turning rolls

Although the roller racks can be applied to many industries, to ensure the fineness and quality of the products, they have begun to pay more and more attention to the degree of adaptation of welding turning rolls to their products, including some objects that are too large to ensure that they are working. The safety requirements for welding rotators are getting higher and higher, and the types of welding turning rolls have begun to diversify: adjustable welding turning rolls, self-aligning welding turning rolls, channel-proof and explosion-proof welding turning rolls, special turning rolls. rolls and so on.

Welding turning rolls design drawing

Combination of welding turning rolls

After many years of accumulation and development, many welding automation equipment manufacturers have found that welding turning rolls can also be used in combination with a variety of welding equipment, and form a complete assembly line, such as a wind tower production line, which can be excellently combined with the Welding Manipulator, Welding positioner and another trinity, complete welding and assembly tasks.

Welding turning rolls

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