Welding manipulators from China

Welding manipulators from China

welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is an automatic welding mechanical equipment combined with an automatic welding machine.

  • Adopt FENGWEI's self-developed continuously variable transmission device.
  • High flexibility, can be combined with welding positioner and welding rotator according to user needs.
  • The welding efficiency is high, and the precise welding position can be accurately reached.

Welding Manipulator

The welding manipulator is an automatic welding mechanical equipment combined with an automatic welding machine. It can be used in conjunction with welding rotator and  welding positioners and is widely used for welding the inner and outer circumferential seams of various cylindrical components in boilers, pressure vessels, petroleum, chemical, machinery, and other manufacturing industries. The welding manipulator has the characteristics of a compact and lightweight structure, convenient operation, and plays a reliable role in improving the welding quality.

Effective expansion and contraction according to the load-bearing weight of the front end of the cross arm. Lifting stroke, specifications, and models can be divided into light, standard, heavy, and super-heavy; the structure has three types: fixed type, fixed belt rotary type, and mobile belt rotary type.

The lifting of the beam adopts the constant speed mode of the AC motor, the lifting is stable and uniform, and the safety factor is high. With a safety anti-fall device. Beam telescopic, column electric slewing, and electric trolley all adopt AC motor variable frequency stepless speed regulation, constant torque output, stable speed (especially at low speed), quick start or stop, speed digital display, and preset.

The column rotation is divided into manual and electric. The slewing bearing adopts the products of domestic famous brand manufacturers, with its high-precision gears, flexible rotation, and pneumatic locking, which is safe and reliable.

The trolley adopts the standard railway track as the walking track, which is divided into two types: manual and electric. Manual is suitable for light-duty and small-moving manipulators, and electric is suitable for heavy-duty or large-moving manipulators.

The manned manipulator is equipped with a manned operating platform, which moves with the cross arm.

The manual control box and the machine head control box (welding control box) are used to form the near control and remote control modes, which are flexible and convenient to operate, and the linkage interface is reserved in the electrical box, which can be connected with the roller frame, positioner, circular rotary table, etc. Realize synchronous linkage.

Telescopic arm welding manipulator, also known as column welding manipulator, consists of a column, a cross arm feeding mechanism, a cross arm, and a walking trolley. The trolley is equipped with a column, the column can be rotated around its axis, the transverse arm feeding mechanism can be lifted and lowered along the column, and a transverse arm that can be telescopically moved in the horizontal direction is installed in it, and the submerged arc welding machine is arranged at one end of the transverse arm. By controlling the position of the cross arm, cross arm feed mechanism, column, and traveling trolley, the welding machine can be sent to any place within the motion range of the welding manipulator. Due to the many activities of the manipulator, in addition to the sufficient rigidity of each component, the accuracy of processing and assembly should also be ensured. Welding automation equipment usually integrates welding technology, automatic control (including PLC and stepper motor control), and precision mechanical design Manufacturing and other technologies are integrated into one. With the increasing development and wide application of automation, intelligence, digitalization, and other technologies, welding automation is developing from stand-alone welding automation equipment to welding automation production lines and digital welding workshops.

Daily maintenance of welding manipulator

1. The first is the lubrication of the lubrication parts of the automatic welding manipulator, such as closed transmission, guide rails, rollers, etc. The purpose of lubrication is to ensure that its use is more flexible;

2. Clean the guide rails, carriages, and screw rods to prevent dust accumulation, avoid affecting the movement of the automatic welding manipulator, check the position of the screw rod and rack, and solve and replace problems in time;

3. The vulnerable parts in the automatic welding machine should be replaced every year; regularly check the joints in the circuit to ensure their reliability and firmness;

4. Do not replace the fuse casually. If the fuse is found to be burned out, it must be maintained in time;

5. The automatic welding manipulator needs to be dusted and cleaned every three months to ensure normal contact between all switches such as relays and the cleaning of the welding manipulator.

welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is an automatic welding mechanical equipment combined with an automatic welding machine.

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