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Design of welding positioner

welding positioner

Plate butt is divided into four weldings (flat, vertical, welding, back), pipe to connect the three welding positions (vertical, horizontal fixed, 45 ° inclined a fixed), and the height of the weldment space position, barriers tube spacing and so on all has certain requirements, so must be equipped with a dedicated to fixed by the welding operation, to meet the demand of the welds on the space position.

The main body of the welding positioner for welder training is a steel structure. Relatively speaking, the product is cheap after being made and can be used for a long time because of its small loss. So far, the domestic welder training base used by the welding operating frame is designed and made by themselves, so the welder special welding operating frame form is very different, each has its own strengths. In addition to the establishment of a complete set of training systems and systems, all kinds of related equipment and facilities are also constantly updated, welder special welding operating frame as one of the main training facilities, after the initial trial production and use, has been constantly improved to meet various requirements.

welding positioner

Design requirements of welding positioner

(1) The overall structure of the welding positioner should be light, compact, and convenient for processing, installation, and disassembly.

(2) The welding positioner is mainly used for plate fixing and tube fixing, and how to fix the four empty positions of plate butt and the three space positions of tube butt should be considered in the design.

(3) According to the test requirements, the pipe butt can be added or not added barrier pipe, and the barrier pipe position is cruciform or one shape, so the welding positioner design should take into account the installation position and disassembly of the barrier pipe.

(4) The interior of the alloy pipe should be protected by argon filling during argon arc welding. Therefore, in the design, the problem of how to fill the interior of the pipe with argon and how to seal the argon gas is not diffused should be taken into account.

(5) Others: design of welding clamp holding place connected with welding parts, argon gas filling place, height adjustment of space position of welding parts (meet the requirements of different human height), etc.

welding positioner

welding positioner main structure

The main body of the welding positioner is composed of the base, the pillar, the adjustable plate, and the cross. The welding positioner is fixed by welding, and the method of bolt fixing is a cross and an adjustable plate.The main functions and design requirements of each part are as follows:

(1) The center of gravity of the whole welding positioner of the base, the main body is steel plate, used to stabilize the welding positioner, so the base needs a certain weight, in order to avoid the accident of tilting and tipping caused by the welding parts being too heavy.

(2) The pillar supports the whole welding positioner, the main body is steel pipe, the purpose is to make the weldment can be fixed at a certain height, convenient for welding.

(3) The adjustable plate is located in the upper part of the welding frame, and the main body is a steel plate processed according to the requirements. There are detachable holes on the plate for fixing, which is easy to install welds in different spatial positions.

(4) The cross is fixed on the adjustable plate, and the pipe has different welding positions according to the different installation holes. There are holes on the cross for fixing the barrier pipe, which is easy to install and remove the barrier pipe.

Elevating welding positioner

The main structure of the welding positioner

Welding positioner accessories

Join a

The function of coupling: fixed on the welding positioner pillar accessories and adjustable plate, play the role of coupling, used for fixing plate, fixing parts, and pipe fixing parts.

Plate fixed parts

The function of plate fastener: used in conjunction with the connector to fix the plate butt welding piece in different spatial positions.

Fixed a tube

The function of tube fixator: used in conjunction with the connector to fix the oblique welding position of middle diameter pipe.

welding positioner

The design of the cross part in the main structure

(1) Design of cross structure

The cross is an important part of the main structure, which is fixed on the adjustable plate by bolts. The design of the cross should take into account the setting and disassembly of the barrier pipe, as well as the protection problem of argon filling in the pipe.

(2) The setting of the barrier pipe

The upper, lower, and left arms of the cross are drilled with holes for fixing the obstacle pipe. The obstacle pipe can be fixed on the hole of the cross by bolts. And according to the size of the welded pipe, the obstacle pipe can be set inside and outside to adjust the spacing.

(3) Design of argon-filled protection

The Argon hose is connected to the circular tube at the argon inlet and is sent into the central chamber of the cross through the small tube. The pipe is fixed in the chamber by bolts, so the protective atmosphere filled with argon is formed in the tube.

(4) Fixing method of three welding positions of small tubes

welding positioner

Other design requirements

(1) According to the requirements of welding wiring, the clamping position of the welding clamp should be considered in the design.

(2) Due to the different heights of the person, when the plate is fixed and welded (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G), the height of the space position should be adjustable.

(3) In order to meet the above two requirements, a welding clamp holding place is set on the pillar, and the height of the weldment is changed through the adjustable hole on the pillar.


(1) The welding positioner designed by the center takes into account the fixing of each space position of welding parts comprehensively and can better meet the requirements of welder training.

(2) The design of the welding positioner should also take into account the setting and disassembly of the barrier pipe, argon-filled protection device, and welding clamp holding position, through the adjustable hole to adjust the height of welding parts and other details, so that the design of the welding frame is more perfect, but also more humanized

(3) The adjustable function of the welding frame can meet the requirements of various welders' training, examination, and competition because the requirements of the position, height, and barrier pipe setting of welding parts in different standards are taken into account in the design of the welding operating frame.

(4) The deficiencies of this design are: accessories 1, 2, and 3 are not fixed on the welding positioner, which may cause the loss of accessories. Therefore, the fixed position of the accessories is determined by the welding position, and the accessories are numbered (the same as the welding position number).


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