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How to debug welding positioner?

welding positioner contactWhen using welding positioner welding, want to ensure the welding accuracy, many experienced welders in the formal use of welding positioner before welding, they will pay special attention to the debugging method of equipment, and pay special attention to the way of use in the process of use, so as to ensure the welding accuracy. In the process of welding, welders must be reasonable and do not harm the machine under the premise of debugging, to ensure the reasonableness of machine debugging, can help the welding positioner stable play, next I will take you to understand the welding positioner debugging method.

Displacement of welding machine in practice need to use welding jig, the workpiece to the safety of fixed worktable, so as to start the machine for rotation and tilt, help welders or welding robot welding ideal welding position, do not need artificial intervention and operation, it can be fully automated processing, can not only meet the worker's Labour liberation, At the same time, it can also improve the welding accuracy. In order to ensure stability in the welding work, the welding positioner debugging is an essential step and an important step in the welding work.

L-shaped welding positionerL-shaped welding positioner

1. Go to the manual operation page and select the correct tool coordinates.

2. Enter the calibration, select the locator, and select Basic.

3. Move the robot tool to the mark on the locator dial and click "Modify Position" to record the position.

4. Rotate the protractor at a certain Angle, move the welding robot tool to the mark on the dial of the protractor again, and click "Modify Position" to record.

5. Move the welding robot away from the positioner and record it as an extension point. After completing all the records, click "OK" to complete the calculation.

6. In the manual operation interface, select the workpiece coordinate and create a new workpiece coordinate system. The subsequently recorded point coordinates are in this coordinate system.

7. Welding positioner equipped with the rotary platform, the rotary platform has a device mouth, the operator will lift the workpiece to the assembly position, and then the workpiece slowly fall, in this process can not fall fast, in case of collision between the workpiece and the rotary platform, the operator will fix the workpiece.

8. Robot welding and welding of displacement machine, need to adjust the displacement motion path of good welding gun and welding machine turning Angle and speed, adjust the welding torch and the corresponding position of the welding, coordinate robot welding, and welding displacement machine movement way, according to the requirements of the workpiece welding point of view, the plate handwheel adjustment to the required level.

The above is the debugging process of the welding positioner. A reasonable debugging process can stabilize the performance in the welding process, improve the welding efficiency and the quality of the product.

welding positioner

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