Everything about welding roller bed turning the workpieces

Everything about welding roller bed turning the workpieces


The welding roller beds have become the spine of effective manufacture of containers as well as towers, pipes, tubes, and other heavy-duty workpieces that revolves.The welding roller can help factories to improve production efficiency very efficiently.

The safety of workers is increased as well as the production efficiency is boosted through contemporary automation solutions like welding roller beds to turn workpieces that are cylindrical. The manufacturers are now achieving the required efficiency as well as safety while handling the containers, pipes, tubes as well as wind towers with the ongoing welding, assembly, or painting with the latest technology for roller beds.

For handling the workpieces that are cylindrical, the roller beds are extremely important. The requirement for cranes and to increase the safety distinctively, these roller beds can minimize the same.




The backbone for tank, pipe, and production of tower

The modern roller beds have rapidly become a manner in which one can attain efficient manufacturing for companies who are manufacturing larger workpieces that are cylindrical. In a conventional way of turning that can no longer offer, features including self-alignment, stable positioning, fast and easy leveling along wireless remote control have offered enough advantages.

It can also increase the risk of accidents while being manufactured in a conventional manner resulting in time-consuming phases of work. The roller beds have become the spine of effective manufacture of containers as well as towers, pipes, tubes, and other heavy-duty workpieces that revolves, is what can be said here.

Classic model of all time

There is a classic roller bed solution that is quite optimal to rotate and handle various cylindrical workpieces, including the pressure vessels, tanks, and tubes in the process of automated welding in the FENGWEI series of welding roller beds.

The power unit can be easily combined with one or several idler units as it depends on the entire length of the workpiece. Roller distances are manually adjusted for accommodating varied workpiece diameters in the N-series.

It mainly varies from 800 and 1000 tons when it comes to the carrying of loads.

Self-aligning roller beds

To handle the unbalanced, heavy cylindrical workpieces, self-aligning roller beds are the best to select from. To a massive range of workpiece diameters without the requirement for any separate adjustment, the FENGWEI series roller beds can be offering an even distribution of weight.

The four axles of the driving unit are all power-driven. Even for the quite unbalanced workpieces, the drive of four wheel would be offering a excellent grip as well as precise characteristics to rotate. The roller bogies would automatically be adjusting the alignment with the diameter of the handed workpieces in the FENGWEI series roller beds.


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Polyurethane rollers

This kind of roller is coated wheel with polyurethane is quite gentle for the workpiece here having being compared to the conventional roller beds made out of steel. They are of greater quality of product with positioning that is stable being the gentle one.

Benefits of Silicon Nitride Welding & Forming Rollers

One of the easiest processes that are being used for joining the faying surfaces of the cylindrical profiles that are unfinished is seam welding. The production of the durable, longitudinal welds along with the complete length of the tube is what is exploited here. To make sure that there is a uniform solid-state bond along with the preciseness being guaranteed due to the usage of welding and the formation of rollers is mentioned with the process that is automated.

Outlining Welding Rollers

There is a range of joining techniques where heat is applied on the faying surfaces to the fusion point through the electrical resistance are all encompassed within the electric resistance welding. With the help of the head for welding, applying to both the sustained pressure along with the constant flow of electricity that generates fiction along with exploiting the temperature coefficient of the material is conducted with the help of a welding head. The electrical current is mainly applied with the help of a set of electrodes made of copper when the pressure is applied through a series of rollers for welding with the welding process that is longitudinal.


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Challenges Facing Welding Rollers

It is quite intensive mechanically when it comes to these higher levels of temperature, and it needs extreme strong and materials that are wear-resistant withstanding some severe thermal shock. They are sure to fail because of the thermal and mechanical breakdown that is quite instant than that of the silicon nitride, although the stainless steel welding rollers will be offering significant improvement in terms of being precise. It is also quite problematic while contributing to the material pick-up issues being commonplace in the non-ferrous metal joints for the electrical conductivity of the stainless steel rollers for welding.

Welding Methods

Each welder develops his or her preferred welding techniques. One of the most commonly used is nicknamed “stacking dimes,” which ends up looking like a string of round coins overlapping along the length of the weld.

The welder would be pushing the melt pool well ahead with the help of an electrode with the use of a fluid motion that is quite similar to that of the series for writing the letter is E in a cursive style with the welding arc liquefying the smaller pool of metal. Making sure that the electrode would be pushing the melt pool back and forth quite evenly between the two workpieces so that both of them are welded in a proper way is the main key for each type of movement herewith.


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Material Differences

It depends especially on the physical characteristics of each that is welding on different kinds of metal that varies significantly. The stainless steel would not be transferring the heat along with the rest of the metals as it is quite easy to be building up a lot of heat in the areas of welding leasing to the steel to be warping and reducing the corrosive resistance, for instance. You need to reduce the electricity on the welding machine and pace up the torch movement in order to control the heat that is generated. These are the fundamentals of every welding equipment and machine that is supplied by Fengwei who is one of the leading manufacturers of the welding machine and equipment.

Aluminum is considered to have a much higher conductivity for thermal sense along with the lowered melting point compared with the kinds of steel that are there. It can also create a robust layer of oxidation over to the surface as it is highly reactive to the air.


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