A comprehensive guide to the use of welding rotator

A comprehensive guide to the use of welding rotator

welding rotator

Welding rotator is used for welding pipes or other large cylindrical objects. For To manufacture fabrication workshops, adjustable pipe welding rotators are pretty beneficial.

The tool used to make it easy to weld the pipes and other objects in round shapes is with the help of a welding rotator. Creating two pieces of movable metal joined together is what they can tackle. Both your hands are now free to concentrate on welding only.

The pipe welding rotators are automatic modes used to rotate any steelwork with the help of cylindrical vessels being similar to the positioners. For the production of wind-tower, it can be a small diameter piping or larger industrial cylindrical vessels.

How do they come to aid?

To manufacture fabrication workshops, adjustable pipe welding rotators are pretty beneficial. They can improve the quality of workmanship from the welders of every expertise minimizing the handling and increasing its efficiency.


Fix the large pipe on the welding rotator

Fix the large pipe on the welding rotator


How much capacity do they carry?

Some are conventional rotators as they come in every size in terms of welding, with others that are self-aligned to react to the vessel or the pipe size.

Using the rotator

l Hold the material in position by making a few welds in strategic places. Position the welding gun as well as the filler wire in place for finishing the leftover job.

l Commence with the rotator positioning the gun to get this done. Then, feed the filler wire into the rotating workpiece when the arc and temperature are found suitable.

l One complete pass will be made by going all the way around.

l For making a stronger weld, it is required to keep the gun on the material for a longer time without the filler wire.

l They are easy to use and set up.


The maximum load capacity of welding rotator can be customized

The maximum load capacity of welding rotator can be customized


The Welding Process

You are sure to come across operations in sequence involving printing of the workpiece to the device for welding, creation of a relative motion positioned between the welding device as well as the workpiece, proper control of the welding process, torque, direction, and positioning it all over the workpiece for the weld next.

Controlling the relative movement between the workpiece and welding head automatically is an automated welding process. Various welding processes that include inert metal gas, inert tungsten gas, and submerged arc welding are used in automatic welding.

The following things should be kept in mind while selecting, operating, and maintaining a welding rotator no matter the weldment size is something that the manufacturing unit of Fengwei follows:

Center Of Gravity (COG)

It is essential to take the center of gravity of the weldment into account and the length away it is from the positioning device along with the size and weight while selecting this rotating device for welding. The greater torque is applied on the rotator, and the COG is the point of the weldment balancing equally on every ax furthering away from the COG of the weldment. As you add material and parts to the positioners, your weldment’s COG will be changing and should be considered something that you need to keep in mind.

Correct Attachment

How you are attaching the weldment to the device is significantly vital as the welding rotator. Designed for specific, repetitious actions and their specific shapes would allow for easy alignment of the parts as the rotators have permanently attached fixtures. Additional weight and distance are added onto the faceplate should be considered while sizing and positioning. As the importance of the weldment has torque applied on the rotator, the distance weight is applied multiplies the force with the increase in distance needs. A giant machine is something that should be kept in mind.


If the weldment you are working on is cylindrical, the turning rolls become helpful. Idler and powered are the two kinds of roller positioners. The powered rolls offer stable and constant rotation to aid you with uniform border welds. The idler rolls can be added to the powered rolls to support the longer cylindrical weldments, although they are not mechanized. When the rollers have two contact points, the weight is distributed evenly along with the COG supported adequately as the combination here supplies additional stability and safety.


Even with the smaller devices, you need to keep them flat. The equipment needs to be mounted to an even, flat surface for avoiding the whole thing toppling over while encountering a force that is unexpected would be essential. One should be pretty sure about securing the positioners that are being mounted to the workbenches or stands with the help of mounting holes that are being offered.

Connect Ground Currents

In terms of every current on the grounds being connected with the device for avoiding damages that are mechanical would be replacing the welding clamps with ongoing welding would be ensured through this. The ground current will save the electrical parts of the equipment from becoming damaged, thereby preventing defective welds as they transfer from the table onto the chassis of the positioner. The continuous removal and exchange of welding clamps will save you from the cost and the hassle.


welding rotator real picture


Reasons for using Welding Rotator from Fengwei

Apart from the improved level of comfort of the worker, there are various benefits of the welding rotator. Let’s check them out:

Improved quality

Accuracy is offered with the setting of a weld positioner, which would mean that there are few chances of errors made by a worker.

Worker safety

The safety of the worker is assured by the design of the welding rotator. The workpiece to be welded is anchored well in the rotator so that it cannot move what is guaranteed here.

Reduced fatigue

The worker can stand in one position and work as allowed by the design of the welding positioner. To the height and the comfort level, it is adjusted quite well. It will help with the improvement in productivity as their fatigue and strain are bound to decrease.

Small footprint

It would help in reducing the clutter on the floor of production as adjusted by these weld rotators.

Semi-automatic functioning

By connecting it to a power source, the welding rotator can be used as a semi-automatic machine. The speed, as well as the productivity, is increased through it.

You need to ensure that you are getting one from a reliable and authentic supplier and manufacturer if you are looking for welding rotators for your industrial application. Fengwei is one of the highly famed leading suppliers and manufacturers of sheet metal fabrication equipment you can come across. To meet the needs of the customers, the company offers welding rotators in different specifications. 

welding rotator

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