Safe operation rules for welding manipulators

Safe operation rules for welding manipulators

Welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is an automatic welding auxiliary equipment necessary for the manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers, pipes, etc.

  • Flexible and convenient design structure
  • Wide range of applications
  • High welding precision

The welding manipulator is an automatic welding auxiliary equipment necessary for the manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers, pipes, etc. The design structure of the welding manipulator is flexible and convenient, and the multi-functional and all-around welding functions are played. When using the welding manipulator, in addition to meeting specific technical conditions, there are not too many problems in other aspects, but when using the welding manipulator to drive, you need to pay more attention, and the equipment can work normally.

Column and Boom


1. Operators must undergo special training for arc welding work. Non-local operators are strictly prohibited from operating the equipment without authorization.

2. Check the insulation of the cable before operation. If it is damaged, stop using it immediately. Make sure that the wires of each part are well connected, and the cover of the control box and the wiring board is well covered. Check the technical condition of the equipment to make sure it is in good condition.

3. The welding machine must adopt zero-connection and leakage protection to ensure the safety of operators; the welding wires and the welding tongs should be reliably insulated.

Specific operation requirements

1. When welding a lot, the welding transformer should not be overloaded, and the temperature of the transformer should not exceed 600C. For this reason, special attention should be paid to complying with the regulations on the suspension load rate of the welding machine to avoid excessive heat and damage.

2. During welding, it is not allowed to shovel the medicine skin or remove the slag. Wear goggles when shoveling the medicine skin and clearing the slag. When indoor arc welding, there should be exhaust ventilation. Welders should set up baffles between their operating locations to avoid arc stab damage to the eyes.

3. Welders must wear protective clothing. Arc welders should wear protective masks. Welders should stand on dry planks or other insulating pads.


1. During the operation, the operator must concentrate, operate correctly, pay attention to the mechanical condition, and are not allowed to leave the post without authorization or hand over the machine to other unlicensed personnel for operation, and it is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter the operation area.

2. During the operation project, no one is allowed to step on the top platform of the gantry for observation, maintenance, or inspection. If you have to work on the top, you must first stop and cut off the power.

Abnormal situation and handling

1. During the welding process, if the welding machine produces abnormal noise, the insulation resistance of the transformer is too small, the wire is broken, there is leakage, etc., it should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

2. Always check the contact between the contact tip (where the welding wire passes through the guide) and the welding wire. If the contact is too worn, it should be replaced.

3. Do maintenance work promptly, keep the machinery in good condition, and the machinery must not work with illness. If it is found to be abnormal during operation, immediately shut down the power supply for inspection, and remove the fault before use.

4. Make a record of the whole process of equipment operation. Regularly check and replace the lubricating grease in the reduction box of the welding car and the wire feeding mechanism, and regularly check the welding wire conveying roller and feeding roller. If they are worn, they must be replaced according to the wearing parts.

5. Check the control circuit and various electrical components on time. If there is damage or singeing of the relay contacts, it must be cleaned or replaced. Every six months to one year of use, the carbon brush dust in the end cover of the wire feeding motor needs to be cleaned once to avoid excessive dust accumulation and damage to the insulation.

Other requirements

When the operator gets off work, they should park the machine in the standby position, turn off the power, lock the switch box, and clean up the debris and welding slag on site.

Maintenance of welding manipulators

In daily work, we must pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the machine tool and the guide rail, so that the air source can be turned off while the machine tool is kept clean. In addition, in daily use, you should also pay attention to observe whether there is lubricating oil on the surface of the horizontal and vertical guide rails and racks of the welding manipulator, to keep them well lubricated, carry out regular care and maintenance every week, and check the welding manipulator cut loblolly pine.

Welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is an automatic welding auxiliary equipment necessary for the manufacture of pressure vessels, boilers, pipes, etc.

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