The welding process of the FENGWEI welding rotator

The welding process of the FENGWEI welding rotator

Welding rotator

The welding process of the welding rotator must be checked one by one for the relevant steps in the welding process.

  • greatly improve the quality of welding seam
  • reduce labor intensity
  • improve work efficiency

During the whole welding process, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the Welding rotator will coordinate the operation of each piece of equipment according to different devices. Generally, an automatic tracking computer operating system is used to set different positions. If the operation is unstable, the computer will directly stop the welding process. Let's take a look at how the relevant computer welding process ensures the normal operation of the welding rotator?

How to use the welding rotator?

The welding process of the welding rotator must be checked one by one for the relevant steps in the welding process. This includes whether the grooves related to automatic welding are matched, whether the size and environment of the pressure vessel are suitable, and whether the selection of materials is appropriate. These details will affect the entire welding process. If any of the reasons appear, they must be managed and verified, and slowly adjusted to achieve good process parameters and requirements. The parameters have an adaptable range, and the purpose of the adjustment is to achieve a suitable matching state, especially the control of the welding torch position. The operator can identify the digital fluctuations through the relevant computer monitoring system, monitor the welding situation at any time, and the welding torch can continuously adjust the direction and position to make the welding process foolproof.

The welding process of the welding rotator must also ensure a suitable gas mixing ratio. The air must be isolated during the entire welding process, and there must be no air damage in high-temperature welding. If there is a problem, it is likely to affect the arc. form. The process technology also includes welding smelting technology. The different steel bar sizes, the thickness of the plate, and the bearing capacity of the welded joints, directly affect the welding completion effect. Avoid spattering problems throughout the welding process.

About the installation environment of the welding rotator

First of all, we need to choose a relatively spacious, firm, and stable operating venue. The selection of the site is mainly based on the principle of being windproof, moisture-proof, and dry. After all, the operation of the equipment needs to maintain a clean and ventilated state. During the entire operation process, it is necessary to avoid any corrosive liquid from appearing in the operating environment. cause corrosion and damage.

Secondly, if the installation encounters the problem of the main roller frame and the slave roller frame, then you must first ensure the safety of the main roller frame. The entire system must be installed on a horizontal line without any offset. If you do not grasp the position well Center, it is recommended to adjust and install it diagonally.

welding rotator

About the operating environment of the welding rotator

During the operation of the welding rotator, attention must be paid to safety issues. If safety issues are involved, its length must be adjusted according to its related equipment, and the distance between the main roller frame and the slave roller frame must be appropriate. There must be no half-point difference.

The other is the working environment of the rubber wheel. The entire working environment must be kept at normal temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will naturally cause damage to the rubber wheel. The temperature should not exceed 65 degrees, because once the rubber wheel is damaged, it will be more troublesome to repair the problem later. The welding rotator should avoid contact with sharp objects as much as possible. It is strictly forbidden to hit any rollers during hoisting work. If the force is too strong, it will easily lead to the collapse of the entire equipment, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Welding rotator

Welding rotators help in rotating the object with the necessary friction between the roller and the welding object to rotate it. For rotation of the object, they contain a base, power driving tool, rollers, and other outer structures. This equipment is the best solution to save time and reduce labor costs, and they can perform even light or heavy-duty tasks quickly and effectively.

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