Column and Boom

Column and Boom, (also called C&B) are mainly composed of a column, boom guide wheel, lifting mechanism, boom retracting mechanism, etc.

  • Base
    Fixed or walkable
  • Column
    Fixed or rotation
  • Welding method
    MIG or SAW or TIG

1. Column guide rail material of Column and Boom is made of 45 steel, with annealing treatment after welding. Such fabrication has high rigidity and intensity, to ensure long-term performance and service life.

2. Boom frame adopts rectangle boom guide rail structure way (double guide rail “I” type), guide rail material is made of 45 steel, with annealing treatment after welding. Very robust.

3. Boom retracting and lifting mechanism both adopt chain cable, simple and beautiful. The lifting mechanism is mainly composed of a lifting motor, lifting reducer, lifting chain, etc.

4. Boom horizontal movement is realized by motor, equipped with a limited switch for all movement; adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.

5. Lifting mechanism is mainly composed of lifting motor, lifting reducer, lifting chain, etc.

6. All axis series parts are under, finishing after tempered.

7. Boom lifting mechanism adopts brake motor, worm, and gear reducer and chain wheel to realize lifting movement. Safety confirmed.

8. Head of the boom is optional for configurations, such as robotic arm, welding head, laboratory, etc.

Can C&B equip with other functions?


C&B  itself is only an automation result by mechanical design consisting of automatic movement, i.e. up and down, left and right. Per industrial request, we added extra functions into the column and boom to become a complete set of the processing machine. It is optional to equip with the robotic arm, welding gun (SAW, TIG, MIG, Plasma, etc), abrasive function and etc. Fengwei can offer you C&B only or a completed set per your request.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

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