Elevating welding positioner

What is a Elevating welding positioner? It can adjust the height of the worktable by adjusting the position or electric height, Elevating the welding changer, and it is used to be very wide.

  • Loading Capacity (kg)
    20 - 20,000 above
  • Rotation Speed (rpm)
    0.2-2 (per request)

Load balancing can be accessed safely, not on the cutting edge. Excellent dynamic braking can be closed immediately. Anti-interference electronic control system to ensure the safety of operators.

welding positioner

It can run quickly, reducing waiting time. It is equipped with an easy-to-read angle. Additional speed control organization. The inclination can reach 135 degrees. The use of welding variable machinery can shorten welding auxiliary time, improve labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers, ensure and improve welding quality, and give play to the efficiency of various welding methods. With the continuous development of computer technology in the manufacturing industry of intelligence, dynamic control, and information technology, welding changes are also developing in the direction of intelligence, multi-function, large-scale, integrated, high-precision, and high-reliability.

For the installation and welding of large workpieces, the structure and structure of the crane welding converter are explained. At the same time, its revolving organization and asymmetric organization are the core parts of the plan. Previously, it participated in gear transmission planning and shaft planning, and verification.

The multi-function welding positioner is an automatic positioner independently developed by Fengwei welding automation equipment manufacturer. This equipment is used in combination with pipeline Elevating support and track to realize straight pipe + flange, short pipe + flange, flange + elbow, short pipe + elbow, etc. to support the pipe and adjust the level and a center height of the pipe.

welding positioner

The multi-function welding positioner is tooling and positioner specially designed for pipe welding production. It is mainly composed of a frame, a rotating roller, a pipe pressing mechanism, a position changing mechanism, and an electric control system. Mainly used in special welding tooling for pipes, pipe fittings, and flange welds. It can realize the 360° rotation of the pipe and the ±45° displacement of the pipe, which can overcome a certain eccentric moment of rotation to ensure the continuous and stable rotation of the pipe, and at the same time, it is convenient to convert the fillet weld of the flange into a boat-shaped weld for welding. It is mainly used in the welding process change of the butt weld or fillet weld of straight pipe sections + pipe fittings, which is convenient for manual or automatic welding and can meet the production requirements of seamless steel pipes and seam steel pipes.

The pipe support is adjustable up and down, suitable for two-stage adjustable pipe diameter. It has the advantages of practicality, reliability, good alignment, stable work rotation, a wide range of applicable workpieces, and simple operation. It is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment in the pipe welding process. The equipment is composed of a walking trolley, a Elevating mechanism, and a movable roller, which is mainly used to support and hold the pipe, adjust the level of the pipe and adjust the center height of the pipe. The lower part of the trolley is equipped with four traveling wheels, which can make the whole equipment walk back and forth on the pre-laid track. During the working process, the specific position is determined according to the length of the pipe. The equipment has a positioning and locking function, which is safe and reliable. The system can prevent the micro-movement from affecting the forming quality of the weld.

welding positioner

The workpiece rotation control system has the basic functions of pause, acceleration, and deceleration control, and the workpiece rotation speed is adjustable by frequency conversion. In addition to the manual operation button in the operation box, it is also equipped with a footswitch to realize linkage control for convenient operation.

For Fengwei, the Elevating welding positioner is just one of our excellent products. Our design and production of welding positioner, combined with the operational requirements of various industries and factories, are upgraded in all directions, and the user experience As our first place, we are still excellent in other welding automation equipment, such as welding manipulators, welding rotator and other machines, and also design and manufacture the entire production line. If you are still looking for a good partner, May wish to contact us.

Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

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