Welding turntable

Welding turntable plays a vital role in welding auxiliary equipment. Welding and assembly of large objects cannot do without its help. It is widely used in pressure vessels, tank reactors, wind towers, iron towers, etc.

  • Loading Capacity (kg)
    20 - 20,000 above
  • Worktable Diameter (mm)
    400-2,000 (per request)
  • Application
    Welding, Grinding, Sputter

The composition principle of the welding turntable is very simple. It mainly rotates through a certain specification of a rotating mechanism and a turning mechanism and is matched with an electronic control system to realize automatic turning. However, after more than 20 years of hard work and exploration, the engineering team of Fengwei Machinery has upgraded and industrialized the welding turntable many times. The welding turntable has been designed to meet the precise use of specific industries, making some difficult-to-weld workpieces or positions more Simple.

Types of Fengwei welding turntable

There are many types of welding turntables, among which the most used ones belong to Elevating welding positioner, special welding turntable, hydraulic welding turntable, and various shape welding turntables (L-shaped, H-shaped, etc.), all of which are passed through the worktable. The turning and revolving equipment makes the workpiece fixed on the worktable turn to reach a specific welding position, which is convenient for welders or welding robots to weld. Of course, it is inseparable when large workpieces are assembled.

Fengwei welding turntable for sale

Fengwei welding turntable has a number of patent certificates, and we sell them all over the world. You can buy our welding turntable, or customize our special welding tooling, which includes a power pole welding machine, power pole automatic welding machine, flange welding machine, cylinder welding assembly line, etc. These work assembly lines can be large tanks Or the cylinder can solve various welding and assembly problems.

Welding turntable This machine can be used with various automatic welding or manual welding, horizontal butt joints of pipes, end welding of pipes, and welding of various shafts, discs, cylinders, etc. It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, lightweight and convenient operation. The rotation of the worktable adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation. The variable speed range is large, the precision is high, and it can be rotated at the required welding speed. Thereby greatly improving the quality of the weld, reducing the welder's labor intensity, and improving labor productivity.

Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

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