10 Ton Welding Rotator

A set of 10 ton welding rotator is composed of 1 power + 1 idler. Each one can load maximum 5 ton respectively.

  • Model
    Adjustable\Self-aligned\Fit up\Growing line
  • Roller Material
    PU or Metal

A set of 10 ton welding rotator is composed of 1 power + 1 idler. Each one can load maximum 5 ton respectively. With all robust steel fabricated frame but different roller centering method, 10 ton welding rotator is categorized as 3 models - which are:

Adjustable welding rotator (HGK)

The roller of adjustable welding rotator can be manually positioned by bolts to accommodate tanks with various diameter within the range.

20 Tons conventional turning rollers

Lead screw welding rotator (HGK)

The roller of lead screw welding rotator can be manually positioned by steering to adjust the distance to accommodate pipes with various diameter. This model suits for light weighted pipes widely.  

Lead Screw Welding Rotator

Self-aligned welding rotator (HGZ)

The distance between rollers of self-aligned welding rotator is self-centered instantly while loading pipes.


All models adopts variable frequency driving system and user friendly but robust mechanical design. With enhanced durability, double reduction worm and wheel gearboxes are adopted. Forklift slots or crane holes are preset with the design for convenience. Please kindly point out if need forklift slots or crane holes.


If you are not sure which model suits your request, please inquiry us with following details, we will leave the proposal in your mailbox in 12 hours:

l Max. loading capacity in tons or max. weight of each Tank in tons;

l Total weight of whole pipeline if in production line;

l Manually adjusting roller or self centering welding rotator;

l Minimun and maximium diameter of tank, vessel or cylindrical objects in mm

l Total length of Tank/Vessel in mm


HGK-10 (Drive and Idler)

HGZ-10 (Drive and Idler)


Manual centering to the workpiece by bolts

Instantly self-centering to the workpiece

Load Carrying Capacity

Drive: 5t/11,000lbs max
Idler: 5t/11,000lbs max
Set: 10t/22,000lbs max

Vessel Diameter

Φ300 to 2800mm

Rotation Speed Range

100-1000mm/min VFD

Tyre Type


Wheel Size

Φ300×120 mm

Cabinet Control

Cable monitor/wireless monitor

Rotation Drive Motors

2×0.55 kW


Primary Input Power

110-575V, Single/3 Ph, 50/60Hz


Pressure vessel, wind tower fabrication, bullet tank, chemical storage tanks, irregar cylindrical job etc


Manual walking/Motorized walking;

Custom build welding rotators available;


Control Box Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

Product specifications and availability may vary by country



Additional Information:


  HGK-10 (Drive and Idler) HGZ-10 (Drive and Idler)
Min Order Qty
1 Set
Delivery Time
In stock
Payment term
T/T, L/C
CE, ISO9001, SGS report
Color RAL5015&RAL1028 or per request

Welding Rotator

The whole welding rotator has strong rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple maintenance and long service life. Learn more about the details and types of welding rotators.

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