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Fengwei is a professional in the manufacture and research and development of welding rotators. Various types of welding rotators have been recognized in the welding application fields of various large-scale equipment in the United States. Based on the original traditional welding rotator, Fengwei has carried out many After the first upgrade, the new machine is not only easy to operate but also many times improved in welding efficiency and precision.

new welding rotator

The composition of the new welding rotator is very simple, mainly composed of a driving frame and a driven frame, and when the factory welds the workpiece, it can be easily moved and directly It can be used on a level and clean floor in the workshop.

To increase the service life and durability of the welding rotator, we use the main and driven frames with steel plate structure brackets as the basis. The overall performance of the entire body is good, and the load-bearing capacity is far higher than the traditional welding frame. The base of the welding rotator has undergone Fengwei's special welding process and welding material, which can ensure long-term use without deformation.

pipe rotator and Polyurethane Roller

After more than 20 years of experience accumulation, our engineers began to upgrade the rollers of the welding spinner. The whole machine has 8 rollers, which are respectively on the driving frame and the driven frame. The 4 rollers on the driving frame are all Synchronized drive pulley and mounted inside plate assembly. There are many options for the material of the rollers, such as vulcanized rubber, polyurethane rollers, etc., which can not only meet the load-bearing problem of the workpiece in special industries but also increase the protection of the workpiece. The rotary shaft of the roller assembly clamp frame has strong rigidity. When the workpiece is placed on the roller assembly, the good clearance between the rotary shaft and its shaft hole can ensure that the clamp frame can be opened at an appropriate angle with the workpiece.

The new welding rotator adopts a worm gear reducer to realize the function of infinitely variable speed. The selected reducer and electric motor have high synchronization performance, which makes the whole welding process safer. In addition, it can avoid the impact force on the reducer caused by the reverse operation of the clamp frame when placing the workpiece, which can effectively prevent the possible early damage of the reducer, so that the reducer and the motor have a long service life.

Anti-channeling welding rotator

All transmission gears of the new welded spinner are made of high-quality steel, and the teeth of the live gears are surface-hardened, which makes them have higher hardness and wear resistance, and can ensure long-term use without changing gear components. On the outside of the transmission gear, a gear shield is also installed.

Fengwei's new welding rotator adheres to the principle of no price increase for upgrades. The new welding rotator can better serve users, has cooperated with enterprises in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and other countries, and has consistently received high-quality feedback. If you are in Looking for a high-quality welding rotator manufacturer, you can get in touch with Fengwei, and our engineers will customize the best solution for you free of charge.

PDF documents related to FENGWEI welding rotator:PDF documents related to FENGWEI welding rotator

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