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The face milling machine produced by Fengwei is mainly used in the butt joint of section steel, box beam, and slender workpieces. The use of face milling machines to process workpieces can greatly improve the production efficiency of products, and also improve the quality of products on the one hand.

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    Vertical face milling machine,Horizontal face milling machine

The face milling machine is a multi-functional machine tool composed of a column and a mechanical slide, which can mill end faces, sides, boring holes, drilling holes, etc. It can complete the processing of complex surfaces such as various planes, grooves, spiral grooves, forming surfaces, plane curves, and space curves, and is suitable for processing various molds, cams, plates, and box parts.

Face milling machine components

1. Milling head

2. Lifting column

3. Workbench

4. Lathe

5. Mechanical feed system

6. Electrical control system

7. Rail protection device

8. The composition of the tool and other parts

At present, face milling machines are mainly divided into two types: horizontal face milling machines and vertical face milling machines. The two are not different in terms of application areas, but there are certain differences in the artifacts they apply to:

  •  Horizontal face milling machine

The horizontal face milling machine is the same as the general-purpose horizontal milling machine, both of which are parallel to the horizontal plane through the spindle axis. Horizontal end milling machines are used for the processing of various profiles in the vertical plane. To expand the processing scale and efficiency, horizontal end milling machines usually choose to add end face turntables or all-round end face turntables to complete four or five-coordinate processing. In this way, not only the continuous inversion on the side surface of the workpiece can be processed, but also can be completed in one device, and the station can be changed through the turntable to perform "four-sided processing". In particular, the all-around end face turntable can place the processing surfaces of various viewpoints or spatial viewpoints on the workpiece horizontally for processing. Many special fixtures or special viewpoint-forming cutters can be eliminated. For box-type parts or workpieces that need to change the station in one installation, it is very suitable to choose a horizontal milling machine with an end face turntable for processing.

  • Vertical face milling machine

The main shaft of the vertical end milling machine is straight to the horizontal plane. The vertical end milling machine is used for profile processing in the horizontal plane. After adding the end face indexing head, the curved grooves can be processed on the outer surface of the cylinder. The vertical face milling machine is one of the most numerous CNC milling machines, and it is also the most widely used. The movement of the x-sleeve, Y-axis, and Z-direction of the small end milling machine are usually completed by the worktable, and the main movement is completed by the main uranium. That is, small end milling machines usually use the methods of table movement, lifting and main uranium not moving, and their layout is similar to that of ordinary vertical lifting table milling machines; the longitudinal and lateral movement of medium-sized end face vertical milling machines are usually completed by the table, and the table It can also be raised and lowered manually. In addition to completing the main movement, the main shaft can also be elastic in the vertical direction, that is, the main shaft can move up and down along the vertical sliding plate; large-scale CNC vertical milling machines need to take into account the expansion of the stroke, reduce the floor space and rigidity and other technologies The problem is that the mobile gantry is usually used. The main shaft can move on the horizontal and vertical slides of the gantry, while the gantry moves longitudinally along the bed.

H beam production line

  • High-precision face milling machine

    The face milling machine produced by Fengwei has the characteristics of a large processing range and wide application range, which is not only suitable for face cutting of metal materials such as castings and steel parts, such for machinery manufacturing.

    face milling machine
  • Face Milling Machine Equipment & Manufacturer

    Fengwei welding automation equipment manufacturer has more than 20+ years of experience in the design and research of face milling machines. We have a complete team of engineers to provide users with the best face milling machine solutions.

    Face Milling Machines
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