Wind Tower Production Line

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Wind Tower Production Line

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The Development of Renewable Energy - Wind Power

With the increasing promotion of wind power in the national energy strategic structure and the deepening development of green renewable energy sources, i.e. wind power, countries have formed a relatively complete wind power fabrication chain with a certain scale.

wind towerwind tower

In this chain, wind tower fabrication process is the most basic one but requires large production capacity. Most industries which produce wind towers still have weaknesses of traditional production technology and equipment, insufficient production capacity, low production efficiency and weak innovation ability. This situation requires the tower manufacturing industry to continuously improve production efficiency, improve products, and innovate and develop the manufacturing capacity of large energy output above 8.4mw under the new market environment, so as to stand out from the new round of market competitors.

Fengwei machinery is a new enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, service and installation of various automatic and efficient welding production lines and welding equipment.

What we can offer - Solution and Product

Compared with the traditional way of fabricating pressure vessels, our wind tower production line has the following advantages:

Mechanical design of whole fabrication flow.

According to the field layout, our engineer will professionally make a customized setting design, from the first work flow to the end. For instance, raw material stacking, blanking and cutting, break making, rolling, single tower making, flange making, multiple tower grouping, flaw detection and repair, sand blasting, painting, finished product storage, etc., All equipments shall be reasonably configured, striving to achieve the design of maximizing production benefits while making rational use of each space inside and outside the field. This is based on the concept of "high efficiency ratio of each work flow in the whole field operation process".

Design of the most efficient way of logistics transfer in fabrication.

Once realized a reasonable design of wind tower production line, it is significant to add in of efficiency of logistics transfer. In this case, it can not only further improve the production efficiency, but also greatly reduce the potential safety hazards in production. Therefore, from years of experiences, we especially introduced the concept of "ground logistics replacing space logistics" in the whole field design. That is, the crane widely used to lift tanks in the traditional process of manufacturing pressure vessels is replaced by the way of automatic workpiece circulation on the ground. This is due to the successful design and application of movable welding rotator and smooth process flow tooling that we took the lead in proposing and practicing in the domestic welding auxiliary machinery industry.

Safe, Efficient and Economical design.

In the whole design of flow operation and ground logistics, we also introduced three main elements of "safety, efficiency and economy". The application of safety concept is reflected in two aspects: production line layout and production line equipment itself. In the layout of the production line, safe exits are reserved between links in case of emergency. The convenience and comfort of operators shall be fully considered in the design and manufacture of production line equipment according to ergonomics. Safety element is highly emphasized in the design, because safety can not only reduce losses, but also improve the labor efficiency of workers, so as to improve the production efficiency of the whole site. At the same time, we continuously develop and apply advanced welding process equipment and auxiliary equipment to continuously improve the production efficiency of the whole site, so as to improve the economic efficiency ratio of the whole site.

The Fabrication Process for Wind Tower and Turbine Manufacturing

Section 1: Seam weldment of single wind tower

This working area mainly consists of welding manipulator and lead screw welding rotator to complete the internal and external longitudinal seam welding of tower drum and the assembly and welding of bottom flange. The contact surface between welding rotator and the wind tower adopts imported polyurethane material, which has higher strength than the traditional welding rotator, and will not have the defect of tower surface deformation caused by the extrusion between the tower and the steel wheel of the traditional roller frame. Equipments are:

1. Lead screw welding rotator

2. Welding manipulator

welding-manipulator(Wind tower production line equipment)


Section 2: Seam weldment among multiple wind towers

This working area adopts a completely different idea from the traditional method. We use the traveling welding rotators to realize the logistics transmission of the tower in the workshop, which can not only facilitate the production efficiency among multiple wind towers, but also reduce the tiem cost of moving objects around by crane, so such automation makes the normal production process more smooth.

In the fabrication process, we suggested to use fit-up welding rotator, which can not only improve the efficiency of tower grouping, but also effectively help to improve the accuracy of grouping wind towers. We had a field test in one of our client’s bases, the result tells that, traditional way of crane lifting requires 4-5 workers and takes at least half a day to move around tanks. Once using the hydraulic welding rotators, it requires only 1-2 workers and get the same work done in 30 minutes, which greatly improves the production efficiency and quality. Equipments are:

1. Fit-up welding rotator

Pipe Fit Up Turning Rolls

2. Welding rotator with trolley
Pipe rotators for welding

3. Welding manipulator

welding-manipulator(Wind tower production line equipment)

Section 3: Paint and sandblasting

In the sandblasting and painting area, we still use the logistics transmission of large workpieces in the sandblasting and painting workshop by a walkable welding rotator. However, due to the harsh environment in the sandblasting and painting area, we have carried out special protection for the electrical system and transmission system of the welding rotator, which can fully meet the requirements for normal use of the equipment under adverse working conditions. Equipment is:

1.Explosion-proof welding rotator

Explosion-proof welding rotator

2.Painting system

Guidelines For Wind Tower Production Line

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