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Welding manipulators are widely used in reactors, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, petrochemical, pipelines, wind tower power generation equipment, and so on. The welding manipulator is generally composed of columns, beams, slewing mechanisms, trolleys, and other components. It mainly sends the welding head to a specific position accurately through the operation frame, and stably keeps it in the position to be welded, or moves the welding head along the set trajectory at the selected welding speed. one of the devices. It has a variety of structural forms and can be used in combination with a welding positioner and welding rotator to achieve precise welding of the trinity.

Welding manipulators

There are many types of welding manipulators, but our most common structural types are divided into four types: fixed welding manipulators, fixed rotary welding manipulators, fixed-mobile welding manipulators, and mobile rotary welding manipulators. Different application fields require different types of machinery, but Fengwei's four types of welding manipulators will be more suitable for various application fields after more than 20 years of research and manufacturing.

Column and Boom

Features of Fengwei Welding Manipulator:

ü Adopt step-less speed change device

ü 3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, welding rotator, or positioner according to clients’ requests

ü Column and boom structure

ü Robust steel fabrication

ü Wireless remote control box

Welding Manipulator is mainly used to complete Girth Welding of Circular Containers in Platform Type, Cantilever Type, and Gantry Type. The main Model: LH1235/LH3040/LH4580/LH5060/LH8080 (per request), the model can cover all industry needs.

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