Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator is mainly used to complete Girth Welding of Circular Containers in Platform Type, Cantilever Type and Gantry Type. The machine is normally 3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, welding rotator or positioner according to your request.

  • Base
    Fixed or walkable
  • Column
    Fixed or rotation
  • Welding method
    MIG or SAW or TIG

Welding manipulator is a great welding automation to save at least 50% labor cost and boost 70% work efficiency. It allows 1 labor to complete the object movement and weldment of internal and external seam automatically. If the cylinder has large diameter and long length, welding manipulator can easily reach the awkward welding position and motorized move along with cylinder to complete all projects.

If you are looking for any welding automation which brings you both the advantage of cost-saving and efficiency boost, welding manipulator is your choice. Call us for a free technical proposal.

Our series of welding manipulators provides 500lbs of weld head equipment boom capacity at each end, all mounted on a swivel base linear rail manipulator column mast.

Welding Manipulator

Here are some features of Welding Manipulator:

1.The welding manipulator can be 3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, welding rotator, or positioner according to clients’ requests.

2.The column and boom adopt welding parts that adopt tempering post welding, then carry out fine machining which can ensure higher precision requirement.

3.Boom adopts square rail, horizontal stretch, and retract adopts gear and rack transmission with high precision and stability.

4.Safety falling protective device is set for boom elevating.

5.There's cross slider for the welding torch equipped in front of the boom to realize welding torch cross adjust for going up, down, left, right.

6.There's the ladder on the column, which is convenient for maintenance. It is equipped with a platform convenient for Welders to stay.

7.It can be equipped with a wireless remote control box according to clients' requests for convenience.

Welding Manipulator Package

Welding manipulator is a great automation to weld inner and outside seam of cylinder objects. It is widely used in the industry of press Options:

Ø fixed or motorized rotation,

Ø Fixed or walkable base,

Ø welding machine,

Ø travel car, operator seat,

Ø cross slide,

Ø welding head mounting,

Ø flux handling in terms of the SAW method,

Ø wire reel size,

Ø single wire or twin SAW welding,

Ø MIG or MAG or TIG welding,

Ø seam tracker,

Ø and flux recovery devices

Please try to specify the above configurations of the welding manipulator as much as possible for a precise quotation. If you are unsure which setting to choose, do not worry. Just inform us of your requirement and workpiece specification, our engineer will offer you a free technical proposal.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

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