Fixed Welding Manipulator

The mechanical structure of the fixed welding manipulator is similar to that of the fixed column and boom. The boom is lifted and lowered by the lifting motor installed on the top of the column. The reducer drives the boom to adjust its position up and down through the chain and counterweight. The horizontal movement of the boom is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation. It is realized by the gear rack driven by the motor and reducer installed on the base.

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The most important thing is that the base, Column, and cross ARM of rotary welding manipulator are assembled and welded by robust steel plates, which all have stress relief treatment. The design has high strength, beautiful appearance,  but high robust strength above the standard.

Different from the fixed column and boom,  The column of the rotary welding manipulator can rotate in + -180 degrees manually or electrically.

What is the mechanism?

1. The column is installed on the base with slewing bearing. The electric rotation of the column is mainly driven by the motor reducer installed on the flange at the bottom of the column,  and the slewing bearing on the mobile trolley is driven by the output pinion, to drive the column to rotate.

2. Once the column is electrically rotated in place,  lock the column through the manual screw locking device on the flange at the bottom of the column to prevent the column from rotating and affecting workflow.

Why do you need rotary welding manipulators?

Due to limited factory space or not being convenient to lay tracks,  The mechanism can cover the barrel processing within a 360-degree orientation Workpieces can be processed at the same time without moving. Rotary welding manipulator saves time and labor and improves efficiency.

Can equip welding manipulator with other functions?

Consisting of the mechanical design of automatic rotation, i.e. up and down, left and right, and rotation function. Per industrial request,  We added extra functions into welding manipulators to become a complete set of processing machines. It is optional to equip with the robotic arm, welding gun (SAW, TIG, MIG, Plasma, etc),  Abrasive function, etc. Fengwei can offer you, welding manipulator, only or completed set per your request."

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

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