The Best Quality Self Adjusting Welding Rotator From China

The Best Quality Self Adjusting Welding Rotator From China

Self-adjusting welding rotator

Self-adjusting welding rotator is a kind of equipment used with a welding manipulator, which is used to support or drive rotation when welding straight seams and circumferential seams of pressure vessels and large-diameter pipes.

Self-adjusting welding rotator is a kind of equipment used with a welding manipulator, which is used to support or drive rotation when welding straight seams and circumferential seams of pressure vessels and large-diameter pipes. The welding rotator can support workpieces with different diameters by adjusting the distance between the rollers. Self-adjusting welding rotator is mainly composed of an active roller, passive roller, electronic control system, and so on. The active (passive) roller base is installed with two sets of roller devices that can rotate at a certain angle. The two sets of roller devices can rotate around their mandrels at a certain angle, so they can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the workpiece to ensure that the workpiece rotates smoothly and continuously.

Structural features

1. Take two groups as a set, namely active roller, and passive roller. The active and passive rollers each have four rollers, which are made of inner iron core and outer rubber structure, which are durable and have no vibration during use.

2. The operation of the active roller is driven by two reduction boxes synchronously. Through the speed regulating motor, reduction box, controller, and other mechanisms, the speed of the workpiece can reach 0.1-1 m/min.

3. Adjustable welding rotator can be adjusted by screw-type adjustment; manual or electric wire-carrying adjustment can also be used.

4. Can be customized according to requirements, such as hydraulic jacking and tilting, etc.

Self-adjusting welding rotator

A set of driving devices is installed on the active roller of the welding rotator, and the driving device is mainly composed of a driving motor, a reducer, a coupling, a coupling shaft, etc. The drive motor is driven by an AC motor, and the worm gear reducer coaxial with the mandrel of the two sets of roller devices is driven by a first-stage worm gear reducer.

Then through two sets of gear transmission devices, the rollers are driven to rotate. When the workpiece rotates, the friction force on both sides can be distributed in a balanced manner, which can stabilize the rotation of the workpiece and increase the driving ability, and effectively guarantee the processing quality of the workpiece. The lubrication of the reducer is fully enclosed by oil immersion, which can eliminate welding spatter, slag, dust, and foreign matter intrusion, to obtain maintenance-free and long-life characteristics.

Self-adjusting welding rotator

A welding rotator can be used with a welding manipulator to automatically weld the inner and outer circumferential seams and inner and outer longitudinal seams of metal cylinders. Applicable industries include pressure vessels, refrigeration equipment, power plant construction, metallurgical construction, petrochemical construction, etc. The main principle of the welding rotator is to use the self-weight of the welding workpiece to make the clamp frame self-adjust the center to meet the welding needs of workpieces with various specifications and diameters.

Features of self-adjusting welding rotator

1. Self-adjusting welding rotator usually adopts steel-plastic combined roller, and large-tonnage adopts all-steel roller, which has a large bearing capacity and strong driving ability;

2. Imported variable frequency governor is adopted, with a wide adjustment range, large starting torque, and high adjustment accuracy;

3. It can also be operated with a manual control box, which has a large remote control range and is easy and reliable to operate.

Self-adjusting welding rotator

How to maintain the welding rotator ?

1. Before running the welding rotator, check whether the parts of the lathe are complete, and explain correctly before starting;

2. Obstruct disassembly, assembly, and observation of equipment during operation, eliminating welding and other operations. 3. When checking the motor, pay attention to all bearings, use a dry cloth and a manual blower to remove dust and dirt from the coils, check the ball bearings twice a year, and replace them with new butter or other suitable lubricants. If the ball bearing is damaged, replace it immediately.

4. Check the connection of the wires every ten days. Trackpads have to be very tight to prevent the contacts from overheating or oxidizing.

4. It is also necessary to check the ground screw on time.

5. All parts in electrical equipment must be kept clean.

6. When the touchpad is worn out, it should be replaced. The touch device cannot be lubricated because lubricating oil does not benefit it.

7. If the welding rotator has abnormal phenomena during operation, it should stop running immediately, check and eliminate the operation of the diseased equipment.

8. When using the machine, remove the debris on the body;

9. It is forbidden to hinder the overload operation.

Self-adjusting welding rotator

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