The different kinds of pipes & benefits of pipe welding rotator

The different kinds of pipes & benefits of pipe welding rotator


There are several kinds of pipes that the pipefitters and welders work with using pipe welding rotators. There is always the use of special equipment and techniques for each kind of pipe.

There are several kinds of pipes that the pipefitters and welders work with using pipe welding rotators. There is always the use of special equipment and techniques for each kind of pipe. It completely depends on the objective of the project and the industry it is related to determine the ideal ones for a specific kind of assignment.


Large-scale pipeline welding site(welding rotator)

Large-scale pipeline welding site(welding rotator)


There are mainly 5 kinds of pipes that are being used widely in the field of modern welding. Not all is perfect to meet each kind of situation that is out there. Distinguishing between the different types of alloys and metals that are used in the pipe still remains one of the essential talents of welders who are extremely talented.

Copper Pipes

A lot of skill is involved in weld the copper pipes. It is due to its malleability along with its resistance to corrosion, and copper stays to be the highly famed metal. In the past, in several of the homes, copper pipes enjoyed growing popularity in terms of plumbing. There is a reduced use of copper in several of the plumbing systems with the nature of it, which is quite expensive. There is an M, L, K basic thickness for the copper pipes. It is also not the simplest of the metals used to weld with the help of a pipe welding rotator since the heat is conducted off from the weld.

Stainless Steel

They are ranging from the production of higher quality pharmaceutical products along with the processed foods to the pillars that are und-girding ocean rigs of oil as these pipes functions in several capabilities. It is the ideal choice for projects lying underwater as they are not corrosive. The welders have to approach the use of stainless steel pipes very carefully, as with the other kind of welded material. To perform the welds on this kind of stronger pipes, a few of the websites are recommending the use of choice of metal.

Galvanised Steel

In terms of household plumbing, the galvanized steel pipes are occurring quite frequently, although it is possessing an expected lifespan of about five decades. Welding is often needed by this pipe as zinc has the nature to evaporate during the process of welding, mixing with air to form dangerous fumes, which is why the welders often avoid working with this kind of pipe.

Cast Iron

From time to time, we have seen the cast iron welding taking place. The welders should be welding with it along with the pipe welding rotators as the metal has gained greater use during recent times. The welders who are capable enough have succeeded in forming some great welds with this kind of pipe using the process of MMA, although it is quite difficult to weld here.


Since a higher amount of heat might be disintegrating the aluminum, the pipe demands a greater skill as the half that is negative will offer the penetration while the TIG welder is required here with the help of AC current, and it also provides a greater action of cleaning. Greater control of the pool of weld is created by the TIG welding machines, and they are generally not required that much. A greater amount of cleaning and then heating it up over the surface will generally prove quite helpful here with this kind of pipe is involved here in addition to all.

Kinds of welding

It all depends on your needs with the several kinds of automated pipe welding systems that are available.


Large pipe welding rotator

Large pipe welding rotator


A standard multiple-axis of the mechanical arm with a laser cutting and welding head that is attached to the faceplate at the end of the arm is what the robotic laser welding is using here. There is an assisted gas system distributing oxygen, nitrogen, or other gas to the welding heat as the head also focuses on the laser light here for every welding process involved here.

A similar kind of free-moving robotic arm is employed through the robotic arc welding along with the head of the arm that is fitted with the arc welding process. It offers the electrical power that is required to get the arc welding done with the setup that mainly consists of the specialized source of power. For transmitting the current while the electrode feeder is directing the electrode wire within the arc, the setup is done for the arc welding gun as well as the torch that is fitted on the head of the arm.

Fixtures are also included to hold the pieces that require welding and handlers to move the pieces in and out of the welding process with the help of the pipe welding rotators.


Ordinary tank welding rotator

Ordinary tank welding rotator


The following are the benefits that are included under the use of the automated welding process with pipes:

1. Flexibility

There is greater flexibility, precision, and at times the delicacy that is involved with the welding of the pipes through the automated welding process. There are features that can be delivered easily over and over again with this process here. They can easily weld in different dimensions and are made out of materials that need specialized fittings with this process of automated pipe welding.

2. Quality

High-quality and consistent welds are delivered by the automated process and with the use of a pipe welding rotator. The technology can simply be relied on for making a similar kind of weld repeatedly with small or no kind of variation. One can make use of the machine-vision equipment, tracking systems, as well as sensors to improve the precision and quality further enough with the augmented process for welding.

3. Control

The pipefitters, along with the other professionals included in construction, would be monitoring, adjusting as well as controlling the welding process at almost every stage as allowed through the robotic welding process.

4. Materials conservation

The professionals can also witness the results expected through the consistencies of automated pipe welding and the use of pipe welding rotators. For becoming discarded, there is also a less amount of errors or not a proper welding.

5. Time savings

It can also allow the pipefitters to calculate the precise length of the complete welding cycle with speed involved in the welding process is determined quite accurately. The downtime is also reduced to bring adjustments and changes involved in this process for most of the welding systems that are automated.


welding rotator


The welders are also helped to work on different kinds of pipes, especially if the pipe welding rotators are supplied and manufactured by Fengwei. With the help of seam welding and equipment for orbital welding, pipes along with the tubes can be automatically welded.


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