Quality selection of welding positioner

Quality selection of welding positioner


Excellent quality welding positioner can not only improve production efficiency but also make your products more perfect, so how to choose a good quality welding positioner?

In many factories, the use of welding robots in the production of welding can be said to be very extensive. However, welding robots cannot satisfy all welding positions, and the welding advantages of welding positioners are highlighted. Many factories always consider many welding automation equipment manufacturers when choosing welding positioners, and they will provide different quotations, but the quality of the welding positioner is often unable to be judged by oneself. As a result, many factories cannot get a good experience after choosing, which not only affects the production efficiency but also causes the customers of the factory to produce complain. So how do choose a suitable welding positioner?


Components of welding positionerComponents of welding positioner


We all know that the welding positioner can be used as the external motion axis of the welding robot. It can be perfectly combined with the welding manipulator and welding rotator to achieve the effect of three-in-one welding automation. As a powerful welding auxiliary equipment, its main function is to return to the position. Through this movement, to obtain the best welding position or assembly position, it has many advantages:

1. High welding accuracy: The welding positioner is matched with a geared motor. Through repeated welding, the entire accuracy can be achieved within an error of 0.1mm.

2. High durability: A good machine must not only have high accuracy, but also the use time of the machine. The durability of the welding positioner is very high.

3. Strong applicability: It can be welded with many workpieces through the contact surface and contains some irregular workpieces, and the welding positioner can also solve it well.

4. Stable welding effect: It adopts thickened profile and steel plate welding base, after annealing treatment, the welding of the workpiece can achieve stable welding.

5. High adjustability: The turning movement of the welding positioner adopts a servo motor, and the geared motor adopts a type with extremely high precision to ensure that the speed is controllable.


100T Welding positioner100T Welding positioner


There are many advantages of welding positioners. It can be highly matched with welding robots. The main function is also attributed to the welding positioner. However, choosing a good quality welding positioner has always been a headache for the factory. A machine with a substandard quality can easily result in insufficient efficiency requirements for the factory's production line. In severe cases, the production quality of the product is also a headache. So how to choose or judge the welding positioner with excellent quality?

Method of judging the quality of positioner

1. Check the flip drive

(1) the turning drive of the welding positioner is mainly based on the stability of the tilt drive. Generally speaking, the tilt drive needs to meet the requirements of the workpiece during the welding process, and the whole machine will not overturn under the condition of the non-serious load. And it also has a power drive function when the load is above 25kg.

(2) the machine is equipped with a limit device to control the inclination angle, and it is also necessary to be equipped with an angle indicator in the corresponding conspicuous position.

(3) the tilting device adopts a self-locking function, and will not slip under load.


Welding positioner factory usage diagramWelding positioner factory usage diagram


2. Check the rotating drive motor

(1) the welding positioner generally adopts step-less speed regulation and can realize braking.

(2) within a certain speed of the rotating device, the overall speed fluctuation of the load-bearing should be controlled within 5%.


Welding displacement function inspection

Welding displacement function inspection


3. Check the conductive device

(1) the positioner needs to be equipped with a conductive device to avoid accidents caused by current passing through the position of the bearing or gear during the welding process.

(2) conductive resistance does not exceed 1mω, and its capacity must meet the requirements of rated current.


Function inspection of welding positioner


4. Other configurations

(1) the detailed data of the load and center of gravity of the welding positioner need to be emphasized in the installation manual.

(2) the structure of the workbench needs to be simplified, and it is easy to install the fixture or the workpiece.

(3) the control part needs a special linkage interface for the automatic welding of roommates.

The overall choice of welding positioner generally needs to be selected under these conditions, but when choosing the right machine, you can also choose a suitable automation equipment manufacturer, which can ensure that the welding positioner is used in the process of getting a good after-sales service. Service and any questions that arise during the welding process will be answered by professional engineers.


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