Welding Rotator- A Perfect Positioning Equipment for Every Industry

Welding Rotator- A Perfect Positioning Equipment for Every Industry


The welding rotator is widely used for cylinder welding and assembly.When it comes to improving your productivity, you can always trust a semi-automatic welding rotator. Such machines combine a torch stand, a welding power supply, and a welding rotator.

It is a fact that perfect positioning equipment or tool can greatly help welders to easily maneuver or move large-sized assemblies. And one of the most important positioning tools that you can find in every industry is a Welding Rotator. Not just large-sized assemblies, you can use these for smaller assemblies and enjoy a lot of benefits.

No matter what the size of the workpiece is, the working principle of these machines will be the same. And what is that? While using the machine, the base product or workpiece should be properly attached to the device. Once done, the machine will move it utilizing mechanical forces, offering you the best assembly or welding experience.

Sometimes to make the process comfortable to access, multiple parts, joints as well as subassemblies can be added to the machine. You can go for manual welding or semi-automatic welding rotators. While using this, the operators can give their maximum attention to the welding work without worrying about moving here and there, holding an electrode holder or a torch. In different industries, the welding rotators can also be used for effective positioning or also as a welding platform.

In most cases, the welding rotator is widely used for cylinder welding and assembly. On the other hand, it can be matched with the manual welding process to assemble and inspect the welding workpiece of the cylinder. It has been proved that the utilization of a welding rotator can enhance the welding seam quality, boost up the work efficiency and lower the labor intensity.


Adjustable welding rotator

New machine production of welding rotator


Lowers the clutter and improves the productivity

When it comes to improving your productivity, you can always trust a semi-automatic welding rotator. Such machines combine a torch stand, a welding power supply, and a welding rotator. With such a combination, you can witness a semi-automatic welding process that will be ergonomically friendly as well as productive. In the machine, the torch can be attached to a weaving device that lets the oscillation perfectly fill the V-grooves and gaps.

With the better torch position and consistent speed, the quality of the material welding can be greatly enhanced. There will be a communication cable that will connect the rotator to the power supply. To start it, the operator can press the button. The machine will keep performing the task until further instructions from the operator. Such methods are best for tasks like circumferential welds. When one part is done, it is removed from the machine, and another welding process is started.


Dust-proof and explosion-proof welding rotator

Dust-proof and explosion-proof welding rotator

How to properly use the welding rotator set?

For example, you can consider a welder joining a flange to the plate. First of all, you need to make some welds in the right places so that the machine can hold the workpiece in the right position. After that, you need to position the welding gun as well as the fille wire in the right place to complete the rest of the task

To begin with, start the welding rotator and turn on the welding gun. When you get the right temperature and arc for the job, you need to feed the filler wire into the workpiece while rotating on the rotator. So, it can be said that the welding rotators have made the welding process simple and fast.

welding rotator new machine warehouse

welding rotator new machine warehouse


What type of model should you choose?

A welding rotator is a perfect way to make the welding job much easier and cost-effective. However, while buying one, the workers need to choose a model that can easily support the weight of the workpiece that they want to weld.

For example, the welders who want to join two huge metal pipes, utilizing a rotator that can’t withstand the pipes’ weight can be very dangerous. So, while buying, always check the machine’s specification and make sure that it can easily carry the weight.

On the other hand, the rotator’s rating should be more than the pipe’s weight or the weight of the items that you want to weld. Based on the welding project requirements, you can add the idler units in order to spread the load. However, before using such things, it is advisable to consult the machine manufacturer to maintain the safety requirements.

Roller materials for the best welding roller

While choosing a machine, you can go for different types of rollers. And one of the most commonly used rollers is steel rubber combination and polyurethane rollers. You can buy based on your requirements and budget. However, before placing your order, it will be better for you to know the differences.

Speaking about the steel-plastic combination rollers, they demonstrate a large pressure capacity, and the wheels will function for years. If you want to increase the life span of the machine or efficiency, buy a rotator with steel-plastic combination rollers.

Coming to the polyurethane rollers, such rollers are developed using real polymer. Some of the impressive characteristics of such rollers are; aging resistance, toughness, oil resistance, resistance to abrasion, and more. You will find a welding rotator with polyurethane roller budget-friendly.


Self-adjusting welding rotator

Self-adjusting welding rotator


How should you clean the rollers of the machine?

The best part is the rollers are the disassembled parts, and you can easily clean them by placing them into a container. Use a quality cleaning solution and water for simple cleaning. Don’t invade them for hours. To remove the stains from the surface, you can simply wipe the roller using a cloth. Once done, carefully reassemble all the parts to start using the machine.

Make your welding task comfortable and faster with the best machines

Welding is an important part of every manufacturing unit, and every company is now looking for an efficient solution for this. And using the best positioning system can greatly help them in the process. This is where manufacturers can use a Welding Rotator offered by Fengwei. The machines are reliable and made of durable material to last for years. Besides, the machines require less amount of maintenance. So, don’t think much and visit the official site of Fengwei now. Explore the machine models and get one now. Don’t forget to ask them for a free quote about the machines.


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