How to maintain the edge milling machine?

How to maintain the edge milling machine?

edge milling machine

During the use of the edge milling machine, the connection and maintenance of the various components after the installation has always been a headache for the welder.

During the use of the edge milling machine, the connection and maintenance of the various components after the installation has always been a headache for the welder. After the main body of the edge milling machine is installed, the cables, oil pipes, and air pipes can generally be connected. In this process, the welder needs to place the cables and pipes connected to the milling machine one by one in strict accordance with the requirements of the electrical wiring diagram and the pneumatic-hydraulic pipeline diagram in the random file. In the process of connecting the edge milling machine, the welder needs to pay attention to cleaning and decontamination, plugging, and sealing. After completing the installation of the cable, it is also necessary to check whether the screws are tightened, and ensure that the screws are fastened to ensure that the contact of the connector rod is completely reliable. In the oil pipe and air pipe connection of the edge milling machine, special attention should be paid: to prevent foreign matter from entering the pipeline and causing the entire hydraulic system to fail, each joint must be tightened, otherwise, leakage will easily occur during the test run, increasing the workload of repair.

edge milling machine

It is necessary to check whether the plug-ins inside the electrical cabinet of the milling machine are damaged and loose due to long-distance transportation, and check whether the connectors are in good contact. When the milling is connected to the external power supply, it is necessary to focus on checking the voltage and phase sequence of the input power supply. The wrong phase sequence input will cause the CNC system to alarm immediately, and even damage the electrical components of the machine tool. After turning on the hydraulic pump and cooling pump motor on the edge milling machine, it should be judged in time whether the steering is correct. When the phase sequence is wrong, the phase sequence should be replaced in time. After the hydraulic pump runs normally, turn on the power of the CNC system.

Generally, we recommend four ways to maintain the edge milling machine:

Level 1 Maintenance (Daily)

Clean the machine every day, wipe the fuselage, and keep the fuselage free of oil, iron filings, and rust; the guide rails of the machine are cleaned every day, and there should be no iron filings, oily impurities, etc.; Dust, etc., the transparent cover is kept clean and transparent; the guide rails of the machine are oiled on time every day (x, y, z guide rails are supplied by the oil holder) to maintain normal function; the working platform is wiped clean every day, free of oil, rust, iron filings, etc. phenomenon; the machine vise is wiped clean, there is no oil stain, no iron filings on the guide rail, and the function is smooth; the spindle cutter head is maintained and wiped every day to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the machine head.

Secondary maintenance (quarterly)

Add or replace the lubricating oil of the machine spindle; check whether the power cord of the machine is intact, whether there is leakage or a short circuit; whether the movement of the x, y, and z axes of the machine guide is flexible and trouble-free, and whether the liquid crystal display is sensitive; check whether the oil circuit of the machine tool is not Unobstructed, whether the oil pipe is damaged or leaking oil.

Level 3 Maintenance (Annual)

Test the accuracy of the tool holder head of the machine to see if it needs to be replaced; check the accuracy of the working platform of the machine and the accuracy of the guide rails; check whether the transmission screw is severely worn, and whether to replace the maintenance of the milling machine.

Work platform calibration

Use a Torx wrench to remove the screws and remove the Wanli vise; use a discharge oil stone to remove rust (place the vise), wipe the platform clean with a rag; use a 0.02mm level to calibrate the platform; adjust the machine base.

edge milling machine

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