Powerful H-beam straightening machine

Powerful H-beam straightening machine

H-beam straightening machine

The H-beam straightening machine is used to straighten the deformed surface of the welded H-beam flange plate during the welding process.

Beam Flange Straightening Machine

The H-beam straightening machine is used to straighten the deformed surface of the welded H-beam flange plate during the welding process. It is mainly composed of a base, upper frame, upper correction wheel mechanism, web guide mechanism, upper frame moving device, main drive, conveying roller table, and electric control system. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.

The main function of the control cabinet installed on the H-beam production line is one of the main devices used to control the configuration of the H-beam straightening machine. The control cabinet on the early H-beam production line was also equipped with an on-site control box so that with the help of the control box, we can control and regulate the H-beam production line in two different places so that the welding effect can be effectively ensured.

Among them, the H-beam straightening machine in the H-beam production line is equipped with two main motors and a hydraulic motor. These three motors will be unified into a whole when working to realize the correcting operation of some steel plate materials. Moreover, the main motor installed on the H-beam production line also has the function of advancing and retreating and the function of electric control. Most of the main components of the main motor are high-quality electronic components imported from abroad or some advanced Produced by imported production technology, which can effectively ensure performance and service life, and multiple types of equipment are formed into a production line, which saves equipment installation space and is the main high-efficiency equipment for the production of H-beam and T-beam.

Beam Flange Straitening Machine

The two upper straightening wheels press on both sides of the wing plate, and one lower straightening wheel bears against the middle of the wing plate. The motor reducer drives the thread mother screw to push the two upper straightening wheels and press down on both sides of the wing plate, to achieve the correction of the wing plate. The purpose of welding deformation.

The H-beam straightening machine uses the upper roller device and the transmission roller to form a hole pattern of the lever principle so that the flange plate to be straightened passes through the hole pattern, resulting in an over-bending deformation, and after elastic recovery, the required straightening shape is achieved, to realize the correction of the I-beam. Flanges are continuously corrected to quality standards. All straightening rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel and have passed advanced heat treatment to avoid the defect that the parts are prone to cracks to ensure service life.

Beam Flange Straitening Machine

The flange plate of the welded H-beam (I-beam) will inevitably bend and deform due to the effect of thermal expansion and cold contraction. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, high speed, and high efficiency, and can be widely used in large-scale buildings, water conservancy bridges, metallurgical industry, and other metal structure industrial sectors.

Beam Flange Straitening Machine Hydraulic pump

1. Control the cylinder conditions corresponding to the large-scale press material in the production line.

The steel structure products hammered by the H-beam production line will have different high-temperature residual effects, and the rotation-related bearings made by the straightening machine also use precise high-temperature applications.

2. The smoothness of the surface of the material after correction is also greatly improved.

3. In actual use, the straightening machine achieves a large and reasonable development in a certain physical structure. 4. There is a better breakthrough in the high-horsepower straightening work, no matter what the relevant shape of the cross-section is.

5. The straightening machine can also make up for the steel quality of the H-beam production line. As the equipment of the basic structure of the production line, it can reflect the advantages of the module and the weight of the larger section.

H-beam straightening machine

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