Welding Positioner: High Efficiency & Cost-Saving

Welding Positioner: High Efficiency & Cost-Saving

welding positioner

The welding positioner produced by Fengwei is widely used in the machinery industry due to its advantages of high efficiency and saving labor costs.

Elevating welding positionerThe welding positioner produced by Fengwei is widely used in the machinery industry due to its advantages of high efficiency and saving labor costs. Through simple operability, it only takes a short time to allow the operator to work proficiently, but for beginners In terms of operation, some aspects are still needed. What maintenance measures need to be taken after the welding positioner has problems?

After years of iteration, the welding positioner currently plays a vital role in the assembly and welding of large pipes. Usually, the welding positioner can complete the automatic and mechanized welding device by changing the position of the welding machine, welding, and welder. If the equipment is used to complete the work, the entire auxiliary welding time can be quickly shortened and labor production can be improved. efficiency, and improve the quality of welding, to a large extent to play the effectiveness of different welding methods.

Under the international call, the popularity of new energy and environmental protection equipment, the demand for welding positioners in these industries continues to increase, and many manufacturers have begun to serialize the production of welding positioners, of which every year there will be many The mechanical parts of automobiles, engineering, locomotives and medium-sized single-sided slewing are put into use, and the control system and drive also use relatively advanced AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation, DC motor to debug the thyristor, servo The motor and drive system, as well as the microcomputer and industrial computer to control, etc., which makes the welding positioner more and more users, but at the same time will encounter many problems in the process of use.

welding positioner

1. There are many reasons for the overturning motor of the worktable. We analyze the following one by one:

(1) The contact of the contactor is not in good contact, the phase is missing, and the coil is faulty. This way the contactor contacts can be handled and the contactor replaced if necessary.

(2) The thermal relay fails or malfunctions. Just replace the thermal relay or reset it.

(3) If the button fails, repair or replace the button.

(4) The motor holding brake is not opened or the motor load terminal is loose, and the contact is not good: check the motor holding brake device and fasten the load terminal.

welding positioner

2. After pressing the button, if there is no lifting action or one-way action, it may be because the limit machine is stuck or the contact is faulty, so it is good to replace the limit. It may also be that the contact of the button is not good or the return spring of the button is damaged. It is good to repair it. If it cannot be repaired, replace the button. It is also possible that the thermal relay setting current is small and malfunctioning or the thermal relay is faulty. You can adjust the setting current or replace the thermal relay. If the motor does not move, there is a buzzing sound, the contactor is out of phase, and the load terminals are not in good contact. If such a situation occurs, check the contactor and replace the contactor if necessary, and tighten the load terminals.

welding positioner

3. The rotary table of the welding positioner does not move.

(1) If the speed regulating potentiometer of the remote control switch fails, the speed regulating potentiometer can be replaced.

(2) If the worktable is in the forward direction and the reverse direction of the relays CR1 and CR2, you can check whether the wiring is loose and whether the relay is faulty. Tighten the wire or replace the relay.

(3) The contact of the inverter panel is not good, and the screws are loose. You can check the inverter and tighten the screws to make them in good contact.

(4) Check whether the contactor KM5 of the rotary brake of the worktable operates and whether the brake is open. You can check whether the brake wiring and the contactor are faulty, tighten the screws, solve the fault of the contractor, and replace the contactor if necessary.

(5) Check whether the near-control or remote-control switch is in place and whether the button is faulty, and whether the switch or button can be replaced.

(6) The rising limit switch connected to the inverter is faulty, and the limit switch can be replaced.

(7) Check whether the wiring of the circuit breaker on the front side of the main circuit of the inverter is firm and whether there is a phase loss. If the wiring is loose, tighten the wiring terminals to make them in good contact. If the circuit breaker is faulty, replace the circuit breaker.

(8) If the brake holding brake is not opened, check the brake device, first check whether there is any fault or damage, and replace it in time if there is any.

The maintenance of the welding positioner can increase the durability of the machine. As a senior manufacturer and supplier of welding positioners, Fengwei has carefully produced each machine, and we provide tailor-made products for different industries. Customized programs, if you are looking for a partner, you can contact us directly.

welding positioner

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