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Different types of Fengwei welding manipulators

Fengwei welding manipulators are widely used in pressure vessels, pipelines, wind tower power generation equipment, petrochemicals, boilers, ship manufacturing, steel structures, automobile manufacturing, surfacing repair, and many other industries. And it can be welded for various types of metal containers or welds of metal welding workpieces, so that the welded workpieces are more safe and stable, and have a variety of welding methods.

Column and Boom

Welding manipulators are extremely functional, and according to different welding requirements, welding manipulators are divided into three types: small, medium, and heavy. The three types are suitable for different tonnage or irregular workpieces. According to the structural form classification, There are four common forms: fixed, fixed rotary, fixed-mobile, and mobile rotary. Through their names, you can basically know what functions they contain.

However, although the welding manipulator has many functions and structures, it needs to be used in combination with a welding positioner or a welding rotator in the welding or assembly of some objects to achieve precise welding. According to its structure and application characteristics, it can be divided into three types:

Platform type welding manipulator

Platform type welding manipulator has two forms, one is single track, the other is double track. The difference between the two is very simple, mainly in the difference between the tracks, but many application fields have gradually improved the platform-type welding manipulator. The reduction in demand is largely due to the fact that the machine’s mobility and scope of application are not as good as that of telescopic welding manipulators, and it is easily affected by other machines during the work process, which leads to the appearance of the machine during operation Vibration so that the whole process of welding appears unstable.

welding manipulator

Cross arm welding manipulator

This type of welding manipulator mainly has two types, one is the cantilever welding manipulator, and the other is the telescopic welding manipulator. The two are different in structure, but the use of functions is different. It's almost the same, and it can reach the welding seam position accurately.

welding manipulator

Portal welding manipulator

The gantry welding manipulator also has two structures. One is that the welding trolley sits on a working platform that can be raised and lowered along the gantry and can move horizontally along the track on the platform; the other is that the welding head is installed in a set On the lifting device, the device is seated on a sports car that can move along the beam track.

welding manipulator

Fengwei welding manipulator can be customized according to user requirements. It can not only install electric carriages, internal telescopic arms, manned devices, and maintenance ladders, but also support various tracking and monitoring, arc swings, and flux recovery. Conveyor and so on. The control system of Fengwei manipulator adopts the most advanced technology-adopts digital control method to realize the advantages of convenient operation and precise control when the welder is welding, and it is linked to controlling with other equipment (welding rotator, welding positioner, etc.) convenient.

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