Functions and advantages of welding positioner

Functions and advantages of welding positioner

welding positioner

The welding positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for the welding displacement of lifting, rotating, and turning work. Through the displacement, the ideal processing position and welding speed can be obtained.

The welding positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for the welding displacement of lifting, rotating, and turning work. Through the displacement, the ideal processing position and welding speed can be obtained. It can be used with manipulators, welding machines, and robots to form an automatic welding center. It can also be used for workpiece displacement during manual operations. The table rotation adopts frequency converter step-less speed regulation, with high-speed regulation accuracy. The remote control box can realize the remote operation of the workbench, and can also be connected with the operating machine and the welding machine control system to realize the linkage operation.


Components of welding positionerComponents of welding positioner


The welding positioner is generally composed of a worktable turning mechanism, a lifting mechanism, and a slewing mechanism. Through the turning, lifting, and rotating of the worktable, the workpiece is at the best welding position. There are side-turning, head-to-tail, lifting, and double Various structural forms such as rotation. Make the workpiece fixed on the worktable reach the required welding and assembly angle, the worktable rotation is frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and satisfactory welding speed can be obtained.

Function design of welding positioner

1. Ordinary type: Rotary motion is fixed speed transmission.

2. Speed-regulating type: At least one rotary motion is designed as a variable-speed transmission.

3. Joint control type: In addition to the speed control function, PLC and microcomputer control are used to make multi-machine and multi-degree-of-freedom linkage work.

4. Robot matching type: used as an external axis of the robot or participate in welding; or only for station change, not participating in welding.


100T Welding positioner100T Welding positioner


The structural principle of welding positioner

1. The positioner adopts a seat structure, which is composed of a frame, a workbench, workbench support, a turning drive system, a turning drive mechanism, a turning limit device, a slewing drive system, a slewing ring, an electric control system, a conductive device, etc.

2. The designed bearing capacity of the whole machine meets the requirements, and the workbench and the user-provided T-bolt can be used for clamping and fixing the workpiece.

3. The frame is a welded frame structure. After welding, the installation surface and the shaft hole are finished after annealing to eliminate the stress. There are several backing plates on the bottom to ensure the horizontal accuracy of the whole machine, and the equipment is lowered through the backing plates. The self-weight and the weight of the workpiece are distributed to the workshop floor to meet the load-bearing requirements of the workshop floor.

4. Workbench components are welded and finished with high-quality steel plates. After welding, they are annealed to remove stress. There are reinforcing ribs on the circumferential edge and the back of the T-slot. The overall rigidity is good and the tensile capacity is strong. The working table is a disc structure, and the table surface is processed with several T-shaped grooves, which is convenient for clamping and fixing the workpiece with the self-prepared T-bolt and pressing plate mechanism; the working table has several circular positioning reference lines to facilitate the maintenance of the workpiece when clamping The rotation axis of the worktable coincides with the rotation centerline of the workpiece to avoid the rotation eccentricity during the automatic welding of the workpiece rotation and affect the welding operation and welding quality.

5. The workbench bracket is a welded box-shaped body, and there are several reinforcing ribs at the corresponding position to support the workbench and the workpiece; The workbench and the frame are connected as an organic whole; after the bracket is welded, the overall annealing is carried out to eliminate the welding residual stress.

6. The turning drive system can turn the four parts of the workbench, the workbench, the fixture, and the workpiece around the horizontal axis; the turning system adopts a first-level worm gear reducer to ensure that the workpiece can be turned to any angle and can be locked in position. Get the ideal welding position, which is convenient for automatic welding on the workpiece. The limit position of the flip action is protected by a travel switch to prevent the workpiece from colliding with the ground and the frame; the end of the flip shaft is also equipped with a protractor for the operator to observe and adjust the inclination angle of the workpiece.

7. The slewing drive system can make the three parts of the worktable, the fixture (this item is self-provided), and the workpiece arbitrarily rotate around the axis of the worktable by ±180°; the worm gear reducer is used in the slewing system to ensure that the workpiece rotates to the It can self-lock position at any angle to facilitate automatic welding.

8. The slewing ring adopts the products of professional manufacturers; the slewing ring is used as the rotating part for the slewing action, and the drive gear connected to the drive system is fixedly installed to mesh with the external tooth of the slewing ring to form a slewing drive force, thereby driving the connection with the slewing ring The installed working part rotates. The slewing bearing is lubricated with sealed maintenance-free grease, which reduces the inconvenience of adding lubricating grease regularly or irregularly during the use of the equipment. The external teeth of the slewing bearing and the slewing drive gear are protected by an annular protective cover to avoid the influence of welding flux and welding spatter on the rotation process and damage to the equipment itself.

9. The drive motor is a famous brand three-phase AC motor, which can meet the long-term, heavy-load, and stable operation of the equipment.

10. Electrical system: Imported brand-name inverter is used for speed control, and the low-frequency output characteristics are hard to ensure that the workbench has strong power when rotating at low speed; the wired hand control box is used for remote control, which is simple and convenient to operate.

11. Conductive device: The positioner is equipped with a sliding current collector, and the welding current forms a welding current loop through the workpiece, workbench, current collector, grounding terminal, cable, and welding machine. Reduce the secondary loop current flowing through the rotating parts of the equipment to cause ignition and damage the equipment, which can increase the service life of the equipment; at the same time, the use of conductive devices can avoid the problem of welding cable entanglement.

12. Grounding device of the whole machine: It is equipped with a grounding terminal of the whole machine, which can connect the whole positioner to the earth to avoid the electric shock of the operator caused by the leakage of the equipment.


head and tail stock welding positionerhead and tail stock welding positioner


Functions and characteristics of welding positioner

1. Good stability of the whole machine: the frame is a frame and seat structure, with good overall rigidity and good stability of the whole machine; after the frame is welded, the overall annealing and stress relief treatment have a long service life and will not be deformed after long-term use.

2. High safety: The slewing system and the turning system are equipped with worm gear-worm deceleration, and the worm gear-worm self-locking position is reliable. When the workpiece is eccentric, it will not cause the workpiece to slide due to the unreliable self-locking, thereby avoiding potential safety hazards. The limit position of the flip action is provided with a travel switch and a limit dead stop for double protection.

3. Long service life: The slewing bearing produced by German imported technology has good wear resistance, strong load-bearing capacity, and long service life.

4. Simple and convenient operation: remote operation through the hand control box, the hand control box panel has the rotation speed display (frequency), the worktable forward/reverse, the worktable forward/backward, linkage/manual and other functions control; The electric box has reserved linkage interface, which is convenient to realize linkage operation with other equipment, forming an automatic welding center.

welding positioner

welding positioner

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