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How to purchase a suitable welding positioner?

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The welding positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment that can play an auxiliary role in the welding process. It is suitable for the welding of the workpiece which is required to realize the position of the welding, so as to achieve the ideal welding position and welding efficiency. The welding positioner can also be used with many other types of equipment to form an automatic welding center. Can also be used for manual welding workpiece displacement. At present, there are many kinds of welding positioners on the market, which also brings a lot of troubles to customers when they choose. So what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing a welding positioner? Let's start with machines:

1. In general, when choosing to buy a welding positioner, we should first check the function of the positioner, and see whether it is a curve or a straight line when carrying out the specified translation or vertical action.

2. Check the action of the welding positioner when it turns, whether it can be carried out continuously or intermittently. It is generally chosen to do linear movement and achieve continuous turnover of the positioner.

3, check the overall speed of the welding positioner in motion, see whether the speed is fast or slow, is to do constant speed or variable speed movement, these are needed to be clear when buying.

4, check the welding positioner in the process of completing these actions, the stability of the machine is good and the accuracy is high.

5. Check the function of some parts of the welding positioner.

In addition, the welding positioner must be able to achieve a self-locking function, which is to ensure the safety of some relatively large tilt action in the rollover.

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After-sales service for welding positioner manufacturers

Generally speaking, in the process of using welding positioner, whether it is an improper operation or the machine itself, resulting in the final broken, the first time to find or the manufacturer, in order not to affect the efficiency of factory production, choose a suitable manufacturer, is also the top priority.

1. Welding positioner is a kind of large machinery, and the manufacturer must have a complete department system.

2. Welding positioner manufacturers must have a perfect after-sales service system.

3. A welding manufacturer with decades of experience is more authoritative in terms of industry expertise.

4. Professional welding positioner manufacturers have one-to-one or many to one expert team guidance.

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