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How to understand the parameters of a welding positioner?

In modern industrial manufacturing, the application of welding robots can be said to be more and more common. In order to give full play to the function of the robot, it is usually combined with a variety of welding automation auxiliary equipment, the most common is the welding positioner, through the welding positioner, so as to achieve high quality and high-quality welding manufacturing process. At present, a welding positioner has become an indispensable part of a welding robot. The price of the more complex multi-axis welding positioner often exceeds the price of the standard robot itself, which shows the importance of welding positioner.

Use slide rails to make welding positioner movable

Use slide rails to make welding positioner movable

Welding positioner parameters:

Welding positioner is different from other processing equipment, its basic load is the "weight" of welding parts. The main parameters of each welding positioner are given by this method.

In fact, there is no dimensionality of principal parameters. There needs to be some discussion about this problem. In Europe, the unit of gravity is N; Some Companies in Japan use the international mass unit kg; My welding positioner industry standard, the use of international mass unit kg. So it can be seen that, in our world, the dimension of the main parameters of the welding positioner has not been unified.

Use welding positioner to improve welding efficiency

Use welding positioner to improve welding efficiency

Second, the main parameter is called differently. Large load kg, large load N (Max load N), Baseload capacity Lbs (Lbs), bearing capacity Lbs (Weight capacity Lbs), allowable load kg (allowable load), large load (Max. Payload, etc. From the historical analysis of dimensional development, force and mass are two kinds of units, each has its own reason.

However, both from the perspective of industry management and from the perspective of scientific computing should be unified. The author thinks that the determination of dimension, lies in a concept if the capacity of the welding positioner is measured, the load unit is selected, that is, the main parameter is expressed by gravity, then his dimension should be used N, kN. The torque related to the technical parameters of rotation should be expressed by Nm and kNm, so that the system of and units is unified.

Welding positioner is a product related to personal safety. The user's choice of product load, etc., should be clear. Large loads such as those described above (kg, N) or loads (kg, N) cannot accurately express this quantity. Now given a formula: F == kd m g n

Where, m is the quality of weldment; G is the acceleration of gravity, that is, mg is gravity; Kd is the dynamic load coefficient; N is the ampere coefficient. F is called rated carrying capacity or rated load. Dynamic load coefficient KD and safety factor n should be determined in product design. Provide the user with options in the sample or instruction manual.

Variety of welding positionerVariety of welding positioner

Selection of welding positioner parameters:

Welding positioner code is a string to represent, as shown in the figure below. Section is the product code of welding positioner, which can be represented by HB or B in Chinese pinyin; The second section is the degree of freedom classification code of welding positioner, which is represented by The Chinese phonetic alphabet Z and Y, respectively representing the degree of freedom of rotation and displacement, 1, 2, 3... . Represents the degree of freedom, but the degree of freedom can be default; The third section is the welding positioner structure sign code, with Chinese pinyin prefix W, L, Q and shape L, C, H mixed expression; Four sections for the welding positioner function code, with Chinese phonetic alphabet head T, S, K, R respectively represent speed control type, servo drive type, joint control type and robot matching type, the general type default; The fifth section is the main parameter of welding positioner -- rated load code, expressed in Arabic numerals, unit kN; The sixth section is the replacement code of welding positioner, according to the order of development, with English letters A, B, C... . Represents the default product.

L-shaped welding positionerL-shaped welding positioner

① Product replacement code, which is represented by letters A, B, and C in the sequence of development.

② Rated load code expressed in Arabic numerals in kN.

③ Given feature code, with Chinese pinyin prefix T, S, K, R, common default.

④ structural sign codes are represented by a mixture of Hanyu pinyin heads W, L, Q and shapes L, C, H.

⑤ codes of freedom with Pinyin Z and Y for rotation and displacement respectively and Arabic numerals for freedom degree.

⑥ Welding positioner code, with The Chinese phonetic alphabet HB or B.

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