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Is a welding positioner useful for welding robots?

Or tanks for many welding industries of manufacturing of the displacement of welding machine is more and more widely used, to know the welding displacement machine commonly used in the industrial field, it can be very good, with welding robot welding displacement machine as a commonly used welding auxiliary equipment, it often with manual welding, semi-automatic welding machine, automatic welding machine and so on, While helping factories improve welding efficiency, it can also ensure stable quality. But for factories that use welding auxiliary equipment for the first time or partners that want to replace machines, many users are worried about the poor quality of welding positioners. Next, I will show you its role.

Use welding positioner to improve welding efficiencyUse welding positioner to improve welding efficiency

Welding positioner, also known as the turning table, plays the role of changing the position of the workpiece in the welding work, usually in many large tanks, mechanical equipment assembly, and welding, etc., especially widely used, it has also received the support and praise of many application industries. Welding deformation displacement can be divided into a type of welding machine, L displacement of welding machine, welding machine, three-axis deflection of the two-axis displacement machine, lift displacement welding machine, and so on, the user to select displacement of welding machine need to confirm your product size, weight, and with what brand of the robot, and the data under the condition of uncertainty, It is common to seek the assistance of welding automation equipment manufacturers, who usually have their own engineering teams and are willing to serve their customers.

Variety of welding positionerVariety of welding positioner

The role of welding positioner for welding robot:

1. High welding accuracy: welding positioner can turn the workpiece to the ideal welding position, improve the distance compensation between welding gun and weld, achieve accurate welding, and can stabilize the welding quality, many industries in use, high degree of recognition. The welding positioner uses an RV reducer, and the repetition accuracy of the positioner is perfect to reach + 0.1mm error.

2. Long service life: simple drive system can greatly reduce the risk of machine failure, and with a welding robot, greatly improve the production efficiency of the factory, save labor costs.

3. The displacement of welding machine and welding robot to realize coordinated movement, it USES a control system with coordination control functions, to unified control, displacement of welding machine and welding robot coordinated movements are asynchronous and synchronous movement of coordinating two concepts, simple to understand is synchronous coordinate movement displacement is robot welding and welding machine running at the same time, Can weld more complex workpiece.

U type welding positioner

U type welding positioner

The main function of the welding positioner is to realize the workpiece in the welding process to carry out a safe turnover positioner, so that the robot or welder can get a good welding position, can meet a variety of welding quality, and appearance requirements.

4. The base of the positioner is welded with thickened profile and steel plate. After annealing treatment, the quality accuracy is reliable.

5. The rollover function of the machine is driven by a servo motor, and the reducer uses a reducer with high precision. The precision is reliable, and the speed can also be self-adjusted.

6. Liberate labor and save labor costs. Displacement of welding machine with servo robot control, control system to achieve unified control, operators only need to stand on the assembly station, with teaching, can realize in far away from the welding range of cases, the displacement of welding machine can automatic butt welding pieces of drag, presents the best welding position of weld welding robot can realize automatic welding.

The above is the role of a welding positioner for welding robots. Welding positioners can improve welding accuracy, help stabilize welding quality and improve welding efficiency, so the role of welding positioner for welding robots is relatively large, which is also its charm.

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