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Fengwei welding positioner purchase instructions

Benchtop PositionerThe research and manufacture of Fengwei welding positioner have been quite mature, and we can simply understand the welding positioner in this way, it can change the welding position, transform vertical welding, overhead welding, and other processes into flat welding, effectively reducing the difficulty of welding, etc., and can efficiently complete the welding task, then is the structure of our welding positioner reasonable?

Check the turning drive of the welding positioner

1. The tilt transmission is stable, does not shake under load, and the whole machine cannot be turned over. When the load Q exceeds 25 kg, it should have a power drive function.

2. Set the limit device to control the inclination and angle indication signs.

The tilting mechanism has a self-locking function, does not slip under load, and is safe and reliable.

Components of welding positioner

Check the rotary drive motor of the welding positioner

1. The rotary drive motor should realize step-less speed regulation and realize braking.

2. Within the rotation speed range, the speed fluctuation does not exceed 5% when under load.

Types of welding positioners

Other matters needing attention

1. The positioner should be equipped with a conductive device to prevent welding current from passing through the transmission parts such as bearings and gears. The resistance of the conductive equipment must not exceed 1 mΩ, and its capacity must meet the requirements of the rated welding current.

2. The control part of the positioner should be equipped with a linkage interface for automatic welding.

3. The structure of the workbench should facilitate the installation of workpieces or fixtures, and its structural form can also be determined through consultation with users.

4. The data of load, eccentricity, and center of gravity should be clearly stated in the instruction manual of the inverter.

From people's point of view, maybe the welding positioner is an important product, but there are more than 100 series of positioners including various functions in the world.

Fengwei Welding Positioner

The advantages of applying welding positioner

Electric welding positioner is a piece of special auxiliary equipment specially used to realize welding automation. It is suitable for the welding position of reverse welding work to obtain ideal processing orientation and speed. It can be used together with the welding machine to form an automatic welding center, and can also be used for the Manufacture of automatic welding center, the specific advantages are as follows:

High precision: using an RV reducer, the repeatability of the welding positioner can reach +0.1 mm.

High durability: The compact drive system reduces the risk of failure.

Strong applicability: The main function of the welding positioner is to complete the overturning and deformation of the workpiece during the welding process, so as to obtain a good welding orientation, which can meet the quality and appearance requirements of various welding parts.

Reliable operation: The base of the welding positioner is welded with thickened profiles and steel plates, and is annealed to ensure reliable quality.

Strong adjustability: The welding positioner is driven by a servo motor, and the reducer is a high-precision reducer, with reliable precision and adjustable speed.

Although the welding robot has many advantages in using the positioner, these advantages are all based on the quality of the positioner. If the quality of the selected welding positioner is not stable enough, it will not only be unable to meet the production power of the production line, but even the production The power cannot meet the requirements, so how to judge the quality of the welding positioner.

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